4 Harmless Pranks to Play on Friends

December 01, 2017

4 Harmless Pranks to Play on Friends

Harmless Pranks to Play on Your Friends

Ever wondered why we love to play pranks on our friends? Many people believe that the tradition of practical jokes started with the invention of April Fool’s Day.  

This is a day when everyone gets to play the joker!

Historically celebrated from at least the 19th century, there is much confusion about where and when April Fool’s Day originated. One thing is for sure, the tradition of playing pranks is still going strong to this day!

While some pranks can be mean and have dreadful consequences, there are plenty of harmless pranks that you can play if you want to have a laugh at your friend’s expense.  

Palms Down – This only works if you tell your friend it is a display of skill. Demonstrate putting your palm face down and balancing a full glass of liquid on the back of your hand. Bet your friend that they can’t do it with two hands at the same time. Once you’ve placed both glasses on their hands, get up and walk out. They will be trapped!

Tap Spray – stick a small piece of duct tape over the bottom of a tap, leaving enough space for the water to come out and spray the person using it!

Chicken Broth Shower – remove the shower head, insert a cube of chicken bouillon and screw the shower back on again. Your friend will be smelling nice and savoury in no time!

Cockroach Alert! – This hilarious remote-controlled cockroach is the perfect way to prank you friend as they get ready!

Just make sure you’re ready for any backlash!

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