4 Reasons to Get an IP Camera

March 22, 2018

4 Reasons to Get an IP Camera

Take Your Surveillance to the Next Level

When it comes to choosing the perfect surveillance system for your home or business, there are two choices: IP camera systems or analog camera systems. 

While analog systems may have had the upper hand in the past, there are now plenty of reasons that IP systems are the superior option.


1. Wireless

The beauty of IP cameras is that they are wireless which means it is much easier to incorporate them in surveillance applications than their analog counterparts. This means that it is possible to install these cameras in harder to reach locations.


2. Picture

The quality of the picture on IP cameras is far superior to those on the analog systems. They are also able to capture a wider range of view.


3. Analytics

This incredible feature allows users to flag up any events, such as motion detection, so that you do not have to spend hours watching footage to see if anything happens.


4. Security

Video streams from IP cameras can be encrypted which makes them super hard to intercept. They can also upload images and videos to an external storage device.

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Stream real-time video, and check out the motion detection, loop recording and time lapse features.

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