4 Simple Steps to Making the Perfect Mixtape

April 03, 2018

4 Simple Steps to Making the Perfect Mixtape

The Fine Art of Creating Music Love Letters

Whether you are nostalgic for the days of making mixtapes or you’re wondering what all the fuss was about, there is no doubt that making the perfect mixtape is one thing everyone must do at least once in their lifetimes.

After all, the fine art of creating a mixtape is a tradition that should continue to be practiced, even though we now live in the digital age!


1. Recipient

Ok, before you even begin to create your mixtape you need to decide on who the recipient will be. Do you want to give your mixtape to someone you want to date? Or a family member?


2. Songs

Now it’s time to think about the songs you want to put on your mixtape. Do you want your recipient to feel loved? Nostalgic? Happy? Sad? Or do you want to take them on a musical voyage of genres?


3. Order

Now that you have chosen your songs, the order in which you put them is key. Think about whether you want your mixtape to start off slow and build to a crescendo, or if you want it to jump around between tempos. Also consider whether each song works well with the others before and after it.


4. Cover

Arguably the most important detail of a mixtape is the hand-written song titles on the front of the cassette. Use a cassette sticker to replicate this on a CD or download a cassette icon for your mp3 mixtape.

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