4 Tips for The Ultimate House Party

April 10, 2018

4 Tips for The Ultimate House Party

Make It A Night to Remember!

Throwing a great house party is a life skill that everyone needs to learn because once you’ve held the most epic party, you will be remembered for all time!

If you’ve never held one before then the process of working out where to start can be super daunting. But don’t worry as we’ve got four of the best tips to help you on your way!


• Snack attack

Hungry guests are not happy guests, so keep rumbling stomachs at bay by laying on a buffet or ask everyone to bring a home-made dish to share.


• Get your game on

Games are especially great for those times when you’ve taken the plunge and mixed up your friendship circles. It can be super awkward trying to get to know lots of new people at a party, so throw in a few ice breakers to bring everyone together.


• Don’t forget the drinks

Whether you’re planning on drinking alcohol or not, beverages are probably the most important part of your party. Consider your guest list and plan your drinks accordingly!


• Lighting is key

Parties all about the twinkling ambient lighting, so make sure you hang plenty of fairy lights – if you think there are too many, add more! You can never have enough. Add even more magic by stringing a few Galaxy LED Light Bulbs up for an indoor firework display!

Party on Wayne!

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