5 great features of the new Apple Watch 3 smartwatch

October 03, 2017

5 great features of the new Apple Watch 3 smartwatch

On September 12, Apple introduced the new iPhone 8 to the world, and a mysterious iPhone X for a $999 price tag, as well as the new Apple Watch 3 smartwatch and the WatchOS OS.

The operating system WatchOS 4 offers many updates, including an updated and more intuitive heart rate tracking application, an active face for Siri and an auto-dial function.

Nevertheless, the last series of Apple Watch 3 smartwatches are offered with a new dual-core processor and (finally) with built-in cellular communication - these are completely new smartwatches in comparison with the previous two generations. Outwardly, the new Apple Watch Series 3 does not look any different from previous models, yet all the innovations are hidden inside the smartwatch.

Here is a brief description of our favorite features of Apple Watch 3.

Built-in GPS and LTE cellular connectivity

Without a doubt, the best feature of Apple Watch 3 is the built-in GPS and 4G LTE cellular connection. Previously, you had to synchronize your Apple smartwatch with your iPhone via Bluetooth to use the cellular function.

With the last iteration, however, you have freedom from your iPhone, now the connection in the smartwatch works by itself. Do not worry about the need to connect a second number or SIM-card, as Apple's new smartwatch uses the same number as the one of your iPhone. For the first time through Apple Watch, you can receive calls and send text messages exclusively through a smartwatch.

Streaming Music

With this addition, Apple's third-generation Watch and WatchOS 4 can now work with Apple Music, allowing individual users to select up to 40 million audio tracks to transfer to the headset without the need for an iPhone.

Apple’s digital assistant Siri, can now also communicate with you from the smartwatch via the built-in speaker. This means that Siri can communicate with you directly from the app. For example, you can even ask the personal assistant to play your favorite music tracks to motivate you to move forward at the end of a grueling run.

Design and Processor

Apple has packed a lot of power under the body of the latest Apple Watch 3, including a brand new, faster dual-core processor that allows the smartwatch up to 70 percent faster run and a quicker download of graphics.

Despite all the new internal components, Apple Watch 3 has the same size as Apple Watch 2. Apple’s engineers did not make any radical changes in the design of the Watch 3 series. A bright red dot appeared on the Digital Crown. Already by tradition, with the release of smartwatches, Apple introduced new straps for use in everyday life as well as for sports.

Improved Wi-Fi

Apple also included a number of hardware updates in its new smartwatch, to expand the connectivity. Despite the limited internal space, Apple engineers have included a much thinner electronic SIM card. Thanks to this electronic Sim card, you can call directly from the Apple Watch 3 anywhere and connect to the Internet through LTE. There is also a W2 chip for improving Bluetooth and wireless communication, which should increase the speed of Wi-Fi by 85%, while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi by 50%.

Barometric altimeter

No generation of Apple Watch could measure altitude. This is a big technological flaw for a mobile fitness tracker. With the previous iterations, your smartwatch had to be connected to an iPhone in order to fully measure the altitude.

Fortunately, with the third generation, Apple decided to fix this flaw. Apple Watch 3 for the first time includes a barometric altimeter for tracking and recording altitude indicators during training.

Price and availability

You do not have to wait long to get a new Apple Watch 3. Apple offers a fully equipped Apple Watch 3 for a price of $399 and a version with just GPS and no LTE cellular connection for $329. The new Apple Watch 3 has been on sale from September 22, so you can order one now and enjoy the impressive capabilities of the brand new Apple smartwatch.