5-Minute Exercises for Strength, Speed, and Agility

April 04, 2018

5-Minute Exercises for Strength, Speed, and Agility

Get Fit Fast with These Simple Moves

Let’s be honest, most of us would love to be faster, stronger, and more agile, but achieving these goals can be super tough when time is limited.

Luckily, there are a few moves that you can do every day in a short space of time to help you improve your physical and mental stamina in just a few weeks.


1. Balance

Working on your balance increases your overall strength and agility as it works all of the muscles in the body. Practice standing on one leg, holding handstands, and using wobble boards for 5 minutes a day as a way of improving your balance.


2. Weights

Training with weights maximises your workout and means that you get more out of each session. Start off with 20 squats per day while holding barbells at your shoulders to strengthen the muscles in your legs.


3. Ladder Drills

For fast, effective results, use an Agility Training Ladder to turn up the impact of your workout. Sprint up and down the ladder in 5-minute intervals, bringing your knees up to your chest and swinging your arms high with each step.



4. Sprint

Sprinting between two points is a great way to improve balance, strength and precision. Reduce the distance between the points on each sprint, completing a circuit over 5 minutes.

What are you waiting for? Time to get started!

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