7 Amazing Wireless Earphones That Any Music Lover Would Love To Have

September 28, 2017

7 Amazing Wireless Earphones That Any Music Lover Would Love To Have

Apple some time ago, abandoned the standard headphone jack in their products and intends to continue adhering to this policy. And while some designers are fighting for the connectors, others are creating earphones that do not need connectors in principle! And today we will talk about the most interesting and best examples of wireless earphones that have been released recently. Listening to music is quite a pleasant experience with a set of wireless earphones, and they look very neatly in a person’s ears.

1. SONY WF-1000X

Among the undeniable advantages of this sample without hesitation, we include the minimalist design, the use of Adaptive Sound Control technology for dynamic sound adjustment, the function of automatic shutdown to conserve battery power, and digital noise reduction. The case of the WF-1000X is simultaneously a charging module and a cover. The battery lasts for 3 hours. Ambient Sound is also supported.


The Jabra Elite Sport earphones have the function of passive noise reduction, support for the HearThrough option, a built-in microphone with a "filter", as well as a heart rate monitor and a fitness fighter that can track an impressive set of various parameters of the user. These earphones are not afraid of water and can be submerged to a depth of 1 meter. The battery life is 4.5 hours. The cover allows charging the battery 2 more times without an outlet.


Onkyo W800BT are incredibly stylish earphones that will please you not only with their excellent appearance but also with their impressive characteristics as well. Among other things – Onkyo W800BT is equipped with one of the best microphones with active suppression of extraneous noise, a Bluetooth connection range up to 10 meters, a charging case that provides 5 cycles of battery replacement and 3 hours of battery life.


The Jam Ultra earphones are particularly suitable for those who want to listen as long as possible. When working in the offline mode for 3 hours, JAM ULTRA allows you to completely recharge the battery from just one cover - 10 times! These earphones are also water resistant and can be lowered to a depth of 1.5 meters.


Three hours of battery life, two mobile battery recharging cycles, active noise reduction, both in the earphones and in a microphone, protection from water and sweat. There is also support for True Wireless Stereo. Erato Apollo 7 are compatible with most services and functions.


Beoplay E8 is an interesting specimen that uses Bluetooth 4.2 for connection and is capable of running almost a record of 4.2 hours in offline mode! A wide variety of settings, a built-in fitness firewall, compatibility with the Beoplay App and of course an incredibly strong case, giving you 2 additional battery charges.


Sol Republic Amps Air are the earphones on our list that come with the most impressive case. Provided that these earphones operate in an off-line mode for about 3 hours, the case provides another 15 charging cycles. Despite the intricate design, the earphones are suitable for any shape of the ears, cannot be damaged by water and sweat, support a noise reduction function and have a built-in microphone.

Why use headphones with wires when it is possible to abandon this archaism and not burden yourself with the need to constantly struggle with the interfering, inappropriately tangled cable, without losing absolutely nothing?

If you pick any of these wireless earphones, you will enrichen your music experience to a great extent. Now you can enjoy listening to your favorite songs with these elegant wireless earphones. Which one of these is your favorite? We would love to hear your opinions so be sure to share with us your preference.