Advantages of Using Activated Carbon for Water Purification

January 15, 2018

Advantages of Using Activated Carbon for Water Purification

Purify the Water in Your Home with Activated Carbon

One of the oldest forms of water filtration, activated carbon has been used since ancient Egypt for purifying water sources and providing medicinal benefits.

It has so many advantages that it is even used in air purifiers as well as in the recovery of precious metals.

So, what are the benefits of using activated carbon in your home?

Cleaner water

As water passes through the filter the porous structure traps harmful molecules and removes them from the liquid. This cleans the tap water of any chemicals used in the sanitation process and makes it much safer for consumption.

Clearer water

Sometimes tap water can come with a cloudy appearance, which is a measure of water quality. The cloudier it is, the lower the quality. Activated carbon reduces the haziness of the water, leaving it beautifully clear.

Better tasting

There are some areas in which tap water can taste pretty bad. Whether from the chemicals used to clean it, the pipes it has traveled through, or the composition of the water itself, it can be a chore to drink bad tasting water. Using a filter helps to reduce and even eliminate the bad taste in water, leaving it sweeter and better tasting.

Better odor

As with taste, there can also be bad odors from water in some areas. Activated carbon works to reduce and eliminate this problem, leaving the water smelling like, well, water!


If you would like to improve the water quality in your home, this Activated Carbon Faucet Water Filter is the perfect way to achieve cleaner, safer, healthier water for the whole family.

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