Bang & Olufsen’s Beolab 50 Speakers Are Distinguished By Perfect Sound And Beautiful Design

October 12, 2017

Bang & Olufsen’s Beolab 50 Speakers Are Distinguished By Perfect Sound And Beautiful Design

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 50 is a big step in the future. Its design is rigorous and original at the same time, the power is of a hurricane, the sound is flawless, and technology belongs to the category of exceptional. The speaker even "sees" where the listener is.

Today, in order to create a real kingdom of sounds in your home, you no longer need to inhabit it with acoustic systems with cumbersome speakers, amplifiers, and countless wires. Today, the time has come for multifunction devices, real sound lords, endowed with their own intelligence. Compact and capable of fit into any interior. Such is the new speaker system BeoLab 50 from the Danish company Bang & Olufsen, equipped with seven integrated amplifiers and a power of 2100 watts. You just have to plug it into an outlet and, like the entertainer who appears before the show, the BeoLab 50 speaker lens will come before you, promising an unforgettable performance. This acoustic lens is capable of independently adjusting the sound according to where the listeners are located. To do this, it will first determine where you are, after which the speaker will turn around, and the lens will direct the sound to the right place - ideal for listening. And when you’re having a loud party and your guests come to dance, or you arrange a quiet, relaxing movie night with your family, then the speaker adjusts accordingly to fill the whole room with sound. The effective frequency range of the speaker is at 15-43000 Hz.

An excellent addition is the special Active Room Compensation technology. Using an external microphone connected to the BeoLab 50, it independently measures the acoustic characteristics of the room. After that, a special set of filters comes into effect, which compensates for the reflection of sound from walls, furniture, and other objects and creates ideal conditions for listening. The basis of the BeoLab 50 design is a triangle, so there are three external panels in the speaker, two of which are covered with wooden slats. Each set of lamellae is sharpened strictly from one piece of oak. Therefore, the sound of each speaker will be individual.

This speaker will not confuse the happy owner with countless cords and cables. The compactness and convenience of the device are provided by the built-in BeoSound Core, which turns the BeoLab speakers into a wireless speaker system.

Specialists from B & O carefully keep their almost age-old traditions and check and customize each instance of the speaker by hand. Scandinavian masters are equally scrupulously related to design. The weight of this musical tower is 61 kg, the height is 103.4 cm, and the acoustic lens rises over it by another 5.2 cm. BeoLab 50 looks strictly and at the same time original. A thin, high silhouette, a circular base with a diameter of 25.5 cm, gently moves into a triangular pyramid with rounded corners, a magnificent decoration, which combines cold aluminum, warm oak lamellae and a black cloth covering the front panel...This is governed by exquisite minimalism, behind which is hidden, without exaggeration, audio technical perfection of incredible power.

Despite the wealth of advanced features in the BeoLab 50, the speaker is easy to manage. The creators of BeoLab 50 have taken care that this can be done at the touch of a button. With a branded application installed on your smartphone or tablet, you will have access to all the settings. The price is $20,000 per speaker. And if it happens that you decide to buy an acoustic system in favor of BeoLab 50, know that your choice will be appreciated even by professionals. For over 15 years, Beng & Olufsen has been supplying acoustics and radio equipment for the British manufacturer of prestigious sports cars Aston Martin, as well as for German automotive giants like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz.

Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLab 50 is like a luxurious car and will only appear in homes of individuals with highly sophisticated taste. Subsequently, it will take its rightful place in the Museum of Sound, since both its design and the technologies that make it unique, foreshadow the future.