Beacon Helmet Gives Bike Riders More Safety By Laser-Projecting Warning Symbols Onto The Road

October 19, 2017

Beacon Helmet Gives Bike Riders More Safety By Laser-Projecting Warning Symbols Onto The Road

We have already seen bike helmets with lights, turn indicators and built-in speakers, and now the Beacon helmet is presented, having all that and even more. What makes the Beacon Helmet different than other models is that the gadget projects a bicycle-warning sign at a distance of 5 to 12 meters. The main idea of ​​the warning symbol is to signal vehicle drivers about an approaching bicyclist, especially at unregulated intersections.

Dr. Jeff Zhang, a cyclist, and inventor from London, UK, is responsible for the creation of this helmet that provides any cyclist with an additional level of security. The helmet not only protects the cyclist’s head but also warns drivers about the approaching bicyclist, reports New Atlas.

Commenting on the vision of his project, Zhang mentions, “We love cycling! But we are also deeply concerned about cyclists' safety. So we started our journey in 2015 with the aim of creating the best and safest helmet for cyclists. Based in Coventry, UK, we are working hard to make the ultimate safe and innovative helmet.”

The helmet is equipped with lasers that project special signs onto the road. The laser that is located in the frontal part of the helmet projects a green warning symbol of the bike. This warning symbol is projected at a distance of 5 to 12 meters (16 to 39 ft) in front of the cyclist. Such a format would allow the cyclist to announce himself to drivers, pedestrians or other cyclists traveling around the corner. Often, bike riders find themselves in the vehicle’s blind spot, because of which drivers cut corners or even knock them off at all. But when a green warning sign of a bicycle appears in front of a driver, the likelihood of a collision is reduced.

Dr. Zhang believes that such a signal will help cyclists not to disappear from the field of view of vehicle drivers. The laser beacon needs to be turned on and off manually, although you can set it to turn automatically on, once you’ve reached the specified "threshold" speed. The helmet additionally laser-projects markers of the bicycle lane onto the road, on each side of the bike. This is done so that drivers unconsciously give the cyclist more space. However, lasers are not the only stuffing of the helmet. Beacon is also equipped with a headlight and a tail light, as well as a stop light. Plus, there are additional turn indicators installed, which you can activate by pressing the large buttons located on both sides of the helmet. The Beacon Helmet has an onboard accelerometer as well, that automatically activates the brake light if the rider needs to brake.

In addition, Beacon has built-in speakers that you can synchronize with your smartphone. You can use these speakers to listen to music or directions from the built-in navigation system or a third-party app.

The battery charge should last about 3.5 hours, although this capacity, of course, depends on how much you use the lasers. Now you can place a preliminary order of the Beacon helmet, at Kickstarter at a British price of £180 which is about $240.

If the current crowdfunding campaign turns out to be a success, with £60,000 as its goal, the developer plans to begin shipping orders in April next year. That is just before the start of the next bicycle season. If you’re an avid bike commuter, this handy and technologically advanced helmet is just the thing you need for better safety on the road.

The following video will give you a better glimpse into the functioning of this helmet: