C64 Mini: miniature version of the iconic Commodore 64 that will take you back to the 1980s

October 02, 2017

C64 Mini: miniature version of the iconic Commodore 64 that will take you back to the 1980s

35 years old, millions of units sold, a solid catalog of games, and hundreds of mods. The Commodore 64 is historical, unforgettable, and for many of its users, irreplaceable.

The fashion for miniature versions of consoles and gaming devices that were popular in the past is gaining its momentum. On September 29, the same day that the SNES Classic Mini hit the market, we saw the announcement of another miniature game system that appeals to our nostalgia. This is the Commodore 64 Mini, the new small-scale version of the popular C64, an 8-bit home computer that became a real cult in the 1980s.

The C64 mini was developed by Retro Games, while the German company Koch Media, announced its plans to distribute the Commodore 64 Mini in early 2018.

The company probably went on such a step, inspired by the successful sales of the NES and SNES mini - reduced copies of Nintendo game consoles. It seems that the retro + miniature formula has become synonymous with success and all manufacturers want to get into the game. The new trend unveiled by the Nintendo Classic Mini NES is spreading, and the new SNES Mini that just arrived, will also be accompanied by the Ataribox in 2018.

Like the old Nintendo consoles, Commodore 64 has a cult status among adult PC users and video game lovers, so releasing a reduced copy of it can both please the retrogrades and attract new users to the games of the beginning of the 1980s that came out on the original Commodore 64. The original C64 was equipped with a cassette unit and a floppy drive of 5 1/4 inches, and it was the first contact with video games for many users.

According to the manufacturer, the C64 Mini is an exact replica of the old computer at a 50% scale and is composed of the keyboard accompanied by a classic style joystick. Naturally, unlike the original Commodore 64, users won’t be loading video games through a cassette or floppy disk, as the games come pre-installed. The miniature Commodore 64 will be shipped with 64 pre-installed games on board: California Games, Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe, Paradroid, Impossible Mission and others, just to name a few.

The device will be equipped with an HDMI connector and will be sold with a joystick in the kit that you can connect to the system via a 1.5-m USB cable. This means that it will be possible to enjoy the legendary 1980s video games with a joystick in your hands on the sofa in front of a big TV. In addition, Commodore 64 mini will be equipped with two USB ports, through which the user can connect their own keyboard and second joystick. Plugging a keyboard will enable you to use the Commodore 64 mini as a fully functional computer and even code new games (yes, using commands in BASIC). Otherwise, the device will look just like in the good old year of 1982, when the original Commodore 64 first appeared on sale.

When will the C64 Mini be available? A release date has not been specified, but the official website suggests it will be in early 2018. The price of the Commodore 64 miniature version should be around $ 80, excluding delivery.