DribbleUp: a Match Quality Smart Soccer Ball that will help you improve your soccer skills

October 06, 2017

DribbleUp: a Match Quality Smart Soccer Ball that will help you improve your soccer skills

No matter how hard you train, you will not be the next Messi or the next Cristiano Ronaldo, but the truth is that you can improve a lot by playing soccer with training and motivation. That's what makes DribbleUp, the smart soccer ball, an interesting proposition because it transforms the training into a game.

The startup DribbleUp from New York demonstrated a smart soccer ball, which will help you to master the technique of this sport. In total, this is the most common soccer ball plus a platform for analyzing data about its movement – this is the whole point of this smart gadget. A combination of a common object and a smart system based on any tablet. DribbleUp is a smart ball that can become a real soccer trainer.

DribbleUp is sports gadget that can measure your accuracy and the strength of your kicks and help you to improve your skills in the game. The creation of DribbleUp was prompted by the author’s obsession with soccer and the desire to train at any time and in any place. As a result, he came up with a ball that allows using the technology of augmented reality to turn training into a game.

Inside the DribbleUp smart soccer ball, there are no sensors, batteries or mechanisms; this is a standard ball made of leather and thread. However, its coloring contains conditional symbols, similar to QR-code, which are read by the camera of the smartphone. The smartphone’s camera tracks the position of the ball in space and determines the speed and force of the impact. This special application analyzes how the ball moves in space, on the basis of which it is not difficult to draw a conclusion – whether the user performs correctly a particular exercise or not. To start the workout, you just need to mount your smartphone on the tripod included in the kit and run a free application for iOSor Android. The camera of the smartphone will track your movements and evaluate their effectiveness.

In addition, the smart soccer ball DribbleUp includes different exercises with virtual cones, touches of ball without falling to the ground, force and placement of the kicks, etc., that help you improve your game. The key is that these exercises are offered as a challenge, in the form of video game action, so the player is more motivated and the overall experience is not as boring as a conventional training.

The only serious disadvantage is that you will have to train not in a spacious field, but in a closed room, right in front of the gadget's camera. For greater effect and clarity, you can connect your smartphone to a TV. DribbleUp is not so much a coach as a sensor - the system knows hundreds of exercises with the smart ball, it can show you the order of execution and follow your performance, but will not correct you and does not set tasks to motivate you. You will have to sweat and try it on your own.

On the other hand, the software for DribbleUp is designed to adapt to the user, it can take into account the person’s age, physical condition, flexibly adjust the training program and make individual lessons. In the end, you can just turn off the smartphone and kick the solid ball in the old-fashioned way - at a price of $90 it is not much inferior to professional models.

The ball is completely professional, and is available in three sizes. You can buy such the DribbleUp Match Quality Smart Soccer Ball at Kickstarter for $ 49. For only $49, you get the smart ball, the tripod, and the app, with a 46% discount on the official price when it goes on sale. If you order now, your own version of the DribbleUp will be delivered in October. In this video, you can see how it works: