Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Security

February 24, 2018

Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Security

Secure Your Home with These Tips

Knowing that your home is a safe retreat is one of the biggest contributors to feeling happy and secure, so it makes sense to keep it protected.

You don’t have to spend mega bucks on an all-singing all-dancing security system to feel safe in your own home.

There are plenty of ways you can up your home security game without having to break the bank.


Trim hedges

Low-hanging tress and overgrown shrubbery can provide cover for intruders, so keep them trimmed to prevent them from being used as a way of gaining entry to your home.


Use thorny plants

Plants can also be used as a deterrent, pick out dense, thorny shrubs to plant around the perimeter to put off intruders.


Install gravel

Gravel on driveways and paths are a great way to alert you to anyone approaching the house.


Don’t advertise your holidays

Social media is one of the first places burglars look to find out more information about a potential house, so avoid posting details of when you are away as this could leave your house open to a break in.


Light up the drive and garden

Install Motion Sensor Security Lights at the front and rear of the property as well as any side paths to illuminate the garden and keep intruders at bay.  


Reinforce entry points

Not only do you need to add extra locks on potential points of entry but installing security cameras or basic webcams will also put people off from trying to break in at these points.


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