Embr Wave works as a personal thermostat that will help you to cope with heat or cold

October 11, 2017

Embr Wave works as a personal thermostat that will help you to cope with heat or cold

Scientists have recently discovered that an abnormal rise in temperature at night, during the summer, has a negative effect on people's sleep. By 2050, due to global warming, the sleep of the planet's inhabitants could become a more serious problem.

With this wearable gadget, you will feel comfortable in the heat and cold. Instead of heating or cooling the room, as traditional thermostats do, Embr Wave works on the user's body. The bracelet heats or cools the wrist, creating a feeling of warmth or coolness. The total body temperature of the person using the Embr Wave does not change at all.

Currently, the startup is assembled at Kickstarter, developing a wearable Embr Wave thermostat. The company notes that the device will help the user to cope with discomfort in hot and cold rooms.

The idea of ​​creating such a device belongs to the students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who presented the prototype of the wearable thermostat Wristifyin 2013. Now, after several years of additional development, the device appeared on Kickstarter titled Embr Wave.

Embr Wave is a smart bracelet with a thermoelectric element made of materials that change the temperature under the influence of current. The main component of Embr Wave is an aluminum-coated thermoelectric element which is heated or cooled as desired by the user. The user only has to press a special button that changes the color to blue to red according to the selected temperature regime. The developers note that the skin on the wrist is very thermosensitive and therefore, influencing it with heating or cooling, it is possible to influence the perception of a person (he will feel warm or cool, although the body temperature will remain unchanged). By working on this area, you can deceive the brain and create a feeling of coolness in a hot place or vice versa. A cup of hot tea works in a similar way: when we hold it in our hands, it becomes warmer even in the cold.

The Embr Wave is based on the Peltier element, which emits or absorbs heat as a function of the polarity of the current flowing through it. The control of the bracelet is carried out using buttons that change color depending on the temperature. The Embr Wave bracelet, in essence, is a set of Peltier elements, which receives energy from a small battery.

The built-in battery of the Embr Wave lasts for three days of work, which equals to approximately 20-25 sessions of operation. You can wear this smart bracelet both from the inside and outside of your wrist. The metal bracelet, to which the thermostat is connected, is regulated with magnetic fasteners.

At the moment, the creators of the device have already been able to receive the requested amount of $100,000 for financing the series production, but the campaign will last until October 27. You can preorder the innovative gadget on the official page of the project at Kickstarter for $ 199. Shipment of the first orders will not begin until September 2018.