Essential Tips for Camping with Dogs

January 11, 2018

Essential Tips for Camping with Dogs

Top Hacks to Make Your Camping Trip Go Smoothly

It’s that gray time of the year when everyone starts to think about road trips, travel, and summer vacations. If you’re planning on camping this year and you want to take your pooch, you might just be in for the time of your life. What else could be better than spending your vacation with your best friend?

But, while it might seem like a great idea in principle, there are things you need to consider to make sure your trip goes smoothly. After all, however well-behaved and trustworthy our fur babies are, there will be trickier aspects of camping with your pooch that could take it from a dream vacation to a complete disaster!

So, before you go packing up the car, make sure you run through this list of essentials first:

1. Enough with the barking!

Ok, you might love your pooch more than anything else in the world but if it constantly barks and howls then perhaps camping is not the best vacation for you both. You wouldn’t want your holiday ruined with the soundtrack of someone else’s dog, so don’t be that person!

2. Poop bags

You’re probably already a pretty responsible dog owner who understands and obeys the rules when it comes to picking up poop so take this as a friendly reminder – pack poop bags!

3. Use windbreaks

Creating a fenced off area around the tent with windbreaks is a great way of being able to let your dog roam around without worrying about them running off.

4. Get a bungee leash

Bungee leashes are perfect for taking your dog on hikes as they do not take up much valuable packing space and allow your dog to go exploring without going too far.

5. Check tags

The last thing you want is for your pooch to get lost, but if the worst happens then at least you can maximise your chances of finding him again if he is wearing the right tags.

Happy camping!

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