Fidget Spinner - history and interesting facts about the main hype of 2017

September 21, 2017

Fidget Spinner - history and interesting facts about the main hype of 2017

This summer one of the main trends among gadget fans was an unusual device called Fidget Spinner. The wave of its popularity, sweeping the Internet, spread across the world from the U.S., where schools have already banned the spinner.

This miniature toy has anti-stress qualities and, according to the doctors, it can calm even a person with autism. What is a spinner, and why this gadget has won the minds of so many children and adolescents?

History of the Fidget Spinner

The Fidget Spinner was invented long before the huge wave of popularity on the Internet. The first prototype of such a rotating mechanism appeared in the early 90's. It was built by Catherine Hettinger from Florida. Because of a muscular disease, she could not often play with her little daughter Sarah, so she came up with a toy to take care of something.

The first spinner was large enough, and its shape resembled more of a flying saucer. Catherine improved the unpretentious mechanism and began to sell it at the fairs in Florida. The toy even gained a small popularity. In 1997, the inventor issued the first patent for the production of the Fidget Spinner. At the same time, the American company Hasbro became interested in the novelty.

Hasbro's plans included upgrading the spinner and its mass production on the market. However, the process did not go beyond marketing tests and the company decided to abandon the idea. The patent for spinner production ended in 2005. Hettinger did not extend the validity of the document. Already after the beginning of the rapid growth of popularity on the Internet, the inventor admitted in an interview that she regrets a bit about the lost income that she could have earned with a patent for the mechanism.

How it became viral

Like any other trend, the Fidget Spinner has won the Internet in a matter of months. The beginning of the popularity boom was laid in an article by James Plafke at Forbes magazine. In his note, the author predicted the spinner with the title of "the must-have office toy for 2017". After a couple of months, Reddit users began actively publishing notes about the novelty, and so the toy became popular with Western YouTube bloggers.

The peak of popularity of Fidget Spinner in the US fell in mid-April. It was at this time that the Google search engine recorded the largest number of requests for this topic from users. The demand for the rotating device was so great that some of the factories in China were reoriented to produce this product.

The fuel was added to the fire by the son of Donald Trump himself. On June 12, Barron Trump stepped off a plane, holding a spinning spinner. The photos of what happened immediately spread on the Internet. Another celebrity - Kim Kardashian, announced her version of the mechanism in the form of a dollar with the inscription "Daddy". The toy appeared on sale for $ 15.

The wave of the trend was an excellent reason to earn extra money for mobile developers. The game from the popular publisher Ketchapp gained 7 million downloads in just half a month. All you need to do in the application is to rotate the virtual spinner. Google did the same thing. It is enough to type the word "spinner" in the search engine and the user will see a rotating virtual toy.

How the Fidget Spinner works

The principle of the toy is extremely simple, if not primitive. In the center of the device is hidden a bearing, around which the rest of the body rotates. Radially the bearing has wings (most often three). On these wings, there are also bearings for increasing the speed of rotation.

The classical triangular form of the mechanism has received hundreds of improvements. The spinner can be sharp, heavy, wooden, glass or even ceramic. The only thing that unites all these toys is a long spin.

The combination of rotational design and sleight of hand made the spinner an excellent tool for tricks. On YouTube, there are already hundreds of videos with virtuosic tricks and rolling toys.

The simplicity of the design makes it possible to build this toy even at home. A spinner, made with your own hands, can be a great gift for a child or even an adult. In addition, you do not limit yourself in the process of making, as it is easy to improve the design of this toy on your own.