Fitbit Ionic beats with the pulse of technology: when your smartwatch is truly smart

October 05, 2017

Fitbit Ionic beats with the pulse of technology: when your smartwatch is truly smart

If you lead an active lifestyle, or just want to monitor your own health more often, the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch can become a good electronic assistant. Its integrated sensors monitor the smallest changes from the heartbeat to the level of oxygen in the blood.

The Fitbit Corporation specializes in the production of electronic devices for fitness and health. At the international exhibition IFA 2017, they presented their first smartwatch, called Ionic.

Fitbit Ionic without exaggeration can be called the "Lord of sensors." One of them - PurePulse - is a heart rate meter of increased accuracy, and the second - Relative SPO2 - monitors the oxygen levels in the blood or "saturation" in medical terminology. Such monitoring can prevent sudden apnea, a temporary cessation of respiratory movements during sleep. If the O2 level falls, the device vibrates and, possibly, helps to save a person’s life. In addition, Fitbit Ionic measures your steps, the passed meters, the calories spent and determines the stages of your sleep.

Despite the fact that the Fitbit Ionic seems aimed at the needs of people leading an active lifestyle, the smartwatch will suit not only the sports, but also the daily and classic style of clothing thanks to the straps of various designs and materials. Such a universal accessory will appeal not only to young people. The aluminum case of the device is produced in three color variants: black, silver and orange.

Fitbit Ionic 1.42-inch color screen is sensitive to touch and has a resolution of 348 × 250 pixels, and a maximum brightness of 1000 nits. The Gorilla Glass 3 protective glass is resistant to scratches, and it is very practical: the smartwatch will keep a neat appearance even after heavy sports testing. You can control the smartwatch not only with the help of the touch menu, but also using the keys that are on the side faces of the case.

The operating system Fitbit OS is synchronized with smartphones based on Android 4.4 and newer versions, as well as with iPhone models starting from 4S. Among the built-in third-party applications are the Starbucks coffee house brand program, Pandora music service, Accuweather weather forecast utility and others. Against this backdrop, stands out FitStar - the electronic personal trainer, whose company-developer Fitbit acquired two years ago.

Fitbit Ionic established communication with other devices via Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.2. Therefore, on a jog, you can listen to your favorite music (or go against the system and turn on the audio book) by connecting Bluetooth headphones. The smartwatch a 2.5 GB of free flash memory installed, and the body is made waterproof, meaning the Fitbit Ionic can be immersed to a depth of 50 m and used to control loads during training in the pool.

Fitbit Ionic is also good at helping contactless payments with the Fitbit Pay application and the built-in NFC module. In addition, the gadget has a built-in GPS receiver with GLONASS support. The developers promise that in the usual mode of use the battery can work for about four days, but with GPS tracking enabled, this time can be reduced to 10 hours.

Fitbit's ambitions extend even further. Together with Dexcom, the company develops an integrated sensor, with which you can monitor blood glucose levels. It needs to be placed under the skin, where it will do the analysis every five minutes. It should be noted that the idea itself is not new since the data of such monitoring today can already be seen with the help of numerous smartphones and the Apple Watch. But if Fitbit engineers can install such a sensor in one of their replaceable bracelets, their innovation will radically change the quality of life of people suffering from type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

The creation of Fitbit Ionic in the market of smartwatches gives the impression of a self-sufficient and multifunctional electronic accessory that will satisfy the needs of active people who are not averse to using the help of modern technologies to simplify their routine tasks and make their own everyday lives more interesting. The price of this smartwatch is $299.95.