Four Gadgets of the Future

September 14, 2017

Four Gadgets of the Future

Here at ‘My Mobile Gear’ we are constantly sourcing unique and bespoke gadgets that will please our gadget loving customers around the world.

We are on the lookout for the latest and trendiest gadgets and accessories, items that can benefit our customers and items that may be hard to find in traditional stores.

But what gadgets can we look forward to in the next ten years?

We have searched the web for some of the mostinnovative ideas to share with you!

  • Wearables or implants to give real-time health checks:

    We’ve already got the likes of Jawbone and FitBit to monitor our exercise and help us to work out new routines, and check our overall health and wellbeing. However, it’s predicted that in the future we will have gadgets that scan for cancer, the immune system, intestinal flora, and conditions like pre-diabetes. Such gadgets, which may come in the form of wearable devices or patches, making health care preventive rather than reactive

  • VR Headsets and gaming centres:

    With the Oculus Rift currently leading the market, the future will see a sharp rise in more affordable VR headsets for the mass market. VR gaming companies are currently working on real life physical environments that will work with VR maps, to allow people to play fully immersive VR games in real purpose-built settings. The future of gaming is around the corner!

  • Self-Driving Vehicles:

    Self-driving cars are already in existence and being trialled all over the world. However, as time progresses, these cars will be an affordable reality for many of the public worldwide. Fleets of self-driving lorries will replace human transporter jobs, whereas self-driving taxis will eventually put taxi drivers out of business. Is it time for you to retrain?

  • Wireless Smart-Home Gadgets:

    Computers, smartphones, wearable devices, even smart home sensors: No matter how long their batteries last, they all have to be plugged in to a power source to be charged. But as Mark Harris reports for MIT’s Technology Review, University of Washington researchers have developed technology that enables gadgets to work and communicate using only energy harvested from local TV, Radio, mobile phone, and Wi-Fi signals. 

What gadgets do you hope to see/own in the future? Check out our latest gadgets here.