Garmin Speak navigator puts Alexa's power in your car to guide you while you drive

October 19, 2017

Garmin Speak navigator puts Alexa's power in your car to guide you while you drive

Garmin Speak brings the virtual assistant of Amazon to the interior of your car: now you have all the power of Alexa while you drive.

Garmin, as a manufacturer of navigation and navigation systems, not only stands out for its business of GPS sports devices but also works on more types of navigation, including cars and other vehicles on the road.

Nowadays, GPS navigators for cars are out of use (mainly because of the versatility of maps we have in our pocket), but the new Garmin Speak integrates Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa in it and can use voice control to query questions during the driving without the driver separating his hands from the steering wheel.

Alexa acts as your personal co-driver on all your trips with Garmin Speak

Alexa has been expanding its work area, started in the living rooms thanks to the Amazon Echo and in these years have been popularized many smart speakers of this type, also taking the assistant to other appliances, smartphones...and now even cars.

Garmin Speak is a vehicle gadget that you can attach to the windshield of your car by means of a magnetic mount. The device offers you hands-free access to information, navigation indications and more with voice command.

A comparison with Amazon's Echo Dot is quite possible, but the compact Garmin Speak is noticeably smaller, measuring 1.5 inches in diameter, and is equipped with a blue LED status indicator, and an OLED display that shows four arrows, signs and numbers, complementing voice prompts.

The integrated LED indicator tells you when Alexa is activated before you use your voice, and a small OLED screen with the basic navigation instructions to know where to turn and continue with your route.

Garmin Speak is not a stand-alone device, as it requires a smartphone paired to the Garmin Speak app, which is located nearby in your car, and a good LTE connection. The gadget connects to your car via Bluetooth or an AUX connection, so you will hear Alexa's response on your vehicle's own sound system.

Utilizing Alexa integration, you can request information continuously, for example, nearby gas stations, weather forecast, traffic conditions in your route ... but also sports results, general information, and you can answer or reject incoming calls or play your favorite music.

In addition to the functions that Alexa is able to perform with your voice, the Garmin Speak also supports the Alexa Skills Store, which is basically an add-on shop from which you can install new apps and integrate Alexa with other services and products. For example, you could add the ability to remotely control smart lights in your home (such as the garage), locks, and thermostats or create reminders to know what you have to buy.

“Our vision is that the Alexa service will be everywhere our customers want it, including inside the car,” mentioned Ned Curic, vice president of automotive at Amazon Alexa in a statement.

The Garmin Speak is now on sale at Amazon for an affordable price of $149.99. It seems to be quite a useful car gadget, don’t you think?

Would you buy one in order to facilitate your driving? Check it out on the following video: