Google and Levi's smart jacket goes on sale on October 2! Get ready to buy one, it’s awesome!

September 26, 2017

Google and Levi's  smart jacket goes on sale on October 2! Get ready to buy one, it’s awesome!

Meet the one jacket that is made to fit your life on the move!

Levi's Commuter Trucker jacket looks like a regular denim jacket, and costs like a jacket by Hugo Boss. But with the help of Levi’s Commuter you can send voicemail, listen to music, messages in instant messengers and tips from a GPS-navigator, reports Engadget.

The joint development of Google Advanced Technology and Levi's has become a smart jacket, which can be bought at (and in some Levi's stores) from October 2. Fans of the iconic brand have been waiting for this denim jacket for a whole year. Google has already announced the start of sales of the smart jacket. On September 27, the model will go to three retailers in the US, and as of October 2, it will be available in the online store at The smart jacket will be for sale at a price of $ 350.

The smart jacket, created by the experimental division of Google ATAP in conjunction with Levi's, was first introduced in 2016 at the Google I/O conference. The model has a design of a classic dark blue Commuter jacket and allows you to control your smartphone by touching the sleeve.

In the sleeve of the jacket is inserted a small touch area, made of smart Jacquard fabric. This fabric, first introduced by Google in 2015, is made of conductive threads that are sewn into a denim base (hence the name: Jacquard fabric is a patterned fabric of different threads) and cannot be damaged by washing and other fluid effects.

In fact, all the charm of Levi's Commuter lies in a small touch-sensitive sensor, which is attached to left cuff sleeve and transmits the signal to your smartphone. This allows you to interact with your smartphone via the jacket, using gestures, LEDs, and tactile feedback. While the sensor is not fully invisible, it is rather small and looks like an element of the cuff’s decor. In general, if you want to try a simple and unobtrusive way to use your smartphone (and you like denim jackets too), then the Levi's Commuter jacket is what you’re looking for.

Initially, Levi’s Commuter smart jacket was invented for cyclists, and, indeed, it can be useful to them most. Touching the cuff, you can send voicemail, listen to messages in instant messengers and tips GPS-navigator, not to mention listening to music.

To find out all the features of the new jacket, you need to download the Jacquard app for your iOS or Android smartphone. The sensor on the sleeve understands several kinds of touches: sliding motion of the fingers up and down and double tapping. To customize the functionality of each of these movements, you can use the Jacquard app. For example, the movements can be set to switch songs or for GPS navigation.

The sensor is charged via USB cable and does not require another recharging for about two weeks. This sensor is also removable, so you can safely wash the jacket.

To check whether your smartphone is compatible with the smart jacket, go to It will definitely work for Android 6.01 and newer versions, as well as for the iPhone 6 and newer models based on iOS 10 or iOS 11. If Levi's Commuter is as good as advertised, then the smart jacket will definitely have its considerable number of fans.