Google Chromecast Audio merges all your audio devices into a multiroom wireless audio system

September 27, 2017

Google Chromecast Audio merges all your audio devices into a multiroom wireless audio system

New life for your old Hi-Fi set: the Chromecast Audio will surely please you!

For the wireless streaming of cloud music and home collections, you do not have to buy a new listening set. Chromecast Audio complements this feature anywhere where an analog or digital audio input is available.

Google Chromecast Audio is a handy gadget for creating a multiroom system from Google. The device costs only $35, it is easy to handle and distributes quality sound to the whole house or apartment.

Out of the box

Chromecast Audio looks like a small black disc with cut rings at the top. The package includes a power cable and a 3.5 mm audio cable with a length of 13 cm. Because of the small length of the audio cable, it is difficult to connect speakers or Bluetooth speakers with an auxiliary input.

If you want to add Chromecast Audio to a Hi-Fi device - you will have to buy another cable, for example, 3.5 mm RCA or 3.5 mm Toslink Optical. This adds another $ 10-15 to the gadget’s price.

How to set up the device

After connecting Chromecast Audio to a speaker or audio system, simply download the Google Home app and follow the instructions. Add a device, connect to the local network, fill in information about Wi-Fi, and everything will work just fine.

However, if you are connecting the Chromecast Audio to powerful speakers, you should immediately go to Chromecast settings and enable HDR to reduce the audio compression.

After connecting to the Internet, a wide range of supported audio applications is available - including Spotify, TuneIn, Rdio and Google Play.

The main feature of Chromecast Audio is working with several audio devices under a single application. This allows you to group and split them, although many cables are required, since even for connecting via a 3.5 mm connector, the cable from the kit is too short.

Restrictions in operation

Google Chromecast Audio is not good for iOS fans. Unlike similar devices that connect to speakers via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you cannot simply connect your iPhoneor iPad to Chromecast Audio and transfer files directly from iTunes or Apple Music.

Part of this is the fault of Apple, defending its own wireless system streaming AirPlay. It is also not supported by Amazon Prime Music. But, for Android users, there will be no problems - they will be able to play any file on a smartphone or tablet.

You cannot directly transfer audio files from a computer or DLNA-drive. There is a Plex application, in the library of which you need to add audio from PC, but it will be inconvenient.

Chromecast Audio is limited to 24 bit/ 48kHz resolution - less than some Wi-Fi streamers with 24 bit/ 192kHz format. More expensive systems like Sonos, transmit audio in CD-quality (16bit/ 44.1 kHz). For users with a large number of tracks in Hi-Fi format, AV receivers of the upper level are more suitable.

How it performs

Google Chromecast Audio has an excellent streaming, more reliable than Cobblestone and top manufacturers like Samsung or Denon. When you stream through Spotify or transferring tracks from a directory to Plex, the link will be equally stable.

The detail and dynamic range are higher than that on Bluetooth-devices. When comparing Chromecast to Cobblestone, the sound of the latter has more clarity and instrumental timbre, especially in uppercase. The impact tools on the Chromecast Audio sound a little softer. In general, both gadgets produce high-quality sound.


Google Chromecast Audio is one of the easiest, cheapest and most convenient ways to combine several audio devices into one multiroom system. With careful handling, it will last for many years.

If we consider other models, there are many wireless speakers, like the aforementioned Muso Cobblestone, connecting via Bluetooth with the ability to play all streaming music, including from iOS devices. Among them, are both the expensive Astell and Kern XB10, and Jumbl with a price of $20. None of these, however, is suitable for multiroom streaming, and Chromecast Audio supports many other functions besides this function.

For those who want to stream music to their home theater, the original Chromecast is enough. But, if you're looking for a simple and convenient way to combine speakers in multiroom mode - Chromecast Audio will be an excellent choice for you.