Google will show two novelties on October 4: Google Home Mini and the updated Daydream View 2017

September 22, 2017

Google will show two novelties on October 4: Google Home Mini and the updated Daydream View 2017

Pixel Smartphones of the second generation and transformable Chromebook Pixelbook will not be the only novelties that Google will show at at a phone-related event in San Francisco on October 4. As reports, the company will add two new smart devices in its offer Google Home Mini and Daydream View 2017.

Google Home Mini, as the name implies, is a small version of the Google Home assistant. Although it will be a smaller version of the Google Home, the reduced dimensions will not affect the functionality in any way. There is no accurate data on the size of Google Home Mini yet, but the image below, showing the new smart device in three colors, allows you to make a preliminary assessment and see the differences in form. Google Home Mini is made in the form of a disk, while the usual Google Home in form is closer to the cylinder.

As it usually happens, for the sake of compactness, engineers had to make certain sacrifices. In the case of Google Home Mini, it was necessary to sacrifice a very valuable component - the built-in battery. That is, without a constant connection to the power grid, the device will not be able to work, which also imposes restrictions on the choice of the location of the device and literally ties it to a socket. We recall that in the case of the standard Google Home voice assistant the lower part is replaceable and is offered in different colors. Another visual difference is that the four light-emitting diodes on the top surface are not painted in the original colors of the Google logo, like the original model.

Taking into account the more compact dimensions, it is logical to assume that the mini version will be much inferior to the full-size smart assistant by its sound. But in the case of Google Home, the main bet is not on the sound, but on the support of the voice assistant Google Assistant - and there will be no compromises. The mini version of Google Home will provide access to all the features and functions of one of the best voice assistants.

The Google Home Mini can help you organize your schedule, report news, set reminders, and other Home-related inquiries that improve daily life. 

At the same time, Google Home Mini will not cost $ 130, like the usual version, but only $49, which is very appealing to all customers. Google Home Mini will be offered at a minimum of three colors - Chalk, Charcoal, and Coral. At the same time, it is unclear to which market the novelty is intended – the U.S. only or worldwide.

As for the updated version of the branded virtual reality headset Daydream View 2017, the device will retain the same design, but it seems to be made of a more durable and hard material. The bad news is that Daydream View 2017 will cost $100, that is, $20 more than its predecessor. Buyers will be able to choose between the three color options of the headset, shown in the image below.