Hacks to Make Your Road Trip Go Smoothly

October 28, 2017

Hacks to Make Your Road Trip Go Smoothly

Road Trip Hacks for A Smooth Ride: 

Hitting the open road with a bunch of friends is always going to be one of the best ways to spend a summer afternoon. Wind in your hair, great music, and a carefree attitude are all you need, right?

Well, not exactly! To get the most out of your road trip there are some simple but super effective hacks that will turn your car ride into the adventure of a lifetime!

  1. Catch it on camera – ok, so we all have camera phones these days, but setting up a Car Dash Cam means you won’t miss a thing on the replay. Just imagine the awesome video you could create from the footage!
  2. Stock up on snacks – no road trip is complete without an endless supply of snacks! Storing them in an insulated container is the best way to keep them cool and organized, so you can just focus on getting to your next stop.
  3. Avoid getting lost– keep your phone handy by securing it to the dash with a magnetic mount, this way you can easily adjust screen and check for directions without taking your eyes off the road. Simple!

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