Honeywell, a 111-year-old company, turns to Indiegogo for the launch of a new home security system

October 19, 2017

Honeywell, a 111-year-old company, turns to Indiegogo for the launch of a new home security system

When talking about home automation, one of the key aspects is the one referring to the security in the home. And is that more and more are the proposals that come to market by different companies that seek to facilitate the control of everything that happens in our home.

Thus, we find alarms, surveillance cameras, presence sensors, access controls on doors and windows and even systems to warn us of floods ... a whole cast to which now a new proposal will be added. The new home security system will come from the hand of one of the companies with a long history in the world of technology. It is Honeywell that will launch a new security system to the market.

Crowdfunding sites are usually associated with young start-ups, but now more and more major brands are launching their projects on such platforms. According to The Verge, Honeywell, a company with a 111-year history, announced the launch of home security sales at the Indiegogo site.

Honeywell is a multinational conglomerate with a market capitalization of $109 billion, founded more than a century ago and now has 132,000 employees. Honeywell is among the companies that cooperate with construction companies in the field of erecting smart houses. The infrastructure of such buildings will run on the Apple HomeKit platform. Three days ago, the company announced its decision to launch a new product on the Indiegogo platform. It is a home security system that users can install and monitor themselves.

There are not many details yet, but the first thing that draws attention is that the US company will bet on the collective financing for its development to come to fruition. For this, Honeywell will launch an Indiegogo campaign that will seek to achieve the necessary budget to make its home security system a reality.

And it is not surprising that a large company, with both financial and technical resources, bets on such a development. Of course, large companies such as Honeywell have enough financial means and resources for independent development and production of such a product, however, the use of crowdfunding can provide advertising and increase sales. Many products that are not able to assemble a sufficient audience in stores can achieve success on crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo. Apparently, Honeywell hopes that it will be able to attract visitors to such sites. Also, according to the representative of the company, the Indiegogo user community provides valuable feedback. It will allow Honeyball to add new features and make other improvements after the release of the first batch of the product.

 “We can engage, look for new features, and improve the product based on that first launch via Indiegogo,” said to The Verge a Honeywell representative.

There are still few details about the smart home security system. On October 16, the first images appeared - Honeywell began sending them to customers by e-mail. Probably, the product should compete with Nestand Ring security systems. However, unlike these systems, Honeywell states that it does not provide for the option of professional monitoring. The center of the system will be focused on a camera with built-in alarm, reminiscent of Canary. The start of the company’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo is scheduled for November 1.