Jammy Is A Super Portable Guitar That You Can Carry In Your Backpack And Play It Anywhere

September 27, 2017

Jammy Is A Super Portable Guitar That You Can Carry In Your Backpack And Play It Anywhere

Guitars have long been modified with smart solutions. Classical guitars can be replaced with intelligent versions that increase their capabilities and reduce their size. Jammy is another attempt at delivering a digital version in a compact shape. The project was designed by Wilmington-based design house RnD64. Early in September, this prototype appeared on Indiegogo, where it already got the financial support.

Jammy is a truly portable guitar in the smallest possible edition. Possibly, that is, one that will allow the game to be unfettered. It is practically a full-fledged guitar with an interesting design, which you can play anytime and anywhere you like. As RnD64’s CEO, Dmitry Shemet says “Just take it out of your backpack, plug your earphones in and play—no additional equipment needed.”

All portable guitars are more like simulators. Because of their small dimensions, they are deprived of the main element of a musical instrument - a full-length neck. The makers of Jammy, however, found a compromise solution and applied sliding structure to the neck of the guitar.

The length of the guitar in a folded state is only 12.6” and 19.6" when it’s fully stretched out. The guitar has six steel strings, divided into two parts. Jammy has five full frets, which can be expanded to fifteen, by changing the position of the neck. On normal guitar, you would have to shifting your hand to another position in order to play a note. With Jammy, however, you just need to move the fretboard with your left hand along the axis, without removing your fingers. Special sensors detect your finger movements, allowing you to perform tricks and jam the strings. It is quite an interesting solution. On the right part of the neck, you will notice a set of control buttons to change the settings faster (say, pre-programmed on your smartphone).

This gadget was built for musicians who are in constant need of contact with their instrument. Not everywhere can you take a normal size guitar. In addition, Jammy will not only fit in your backpack, but will provide additional tools for composing and writing materials. The standard guitar resonance box was replaced by a detachable pickguard that improves the comfort of the user. There is also a shoulder strap, for better stability and convenience during play.  

However, you will need to plug in your headphones or amplifier into the 1/8” audio output. With high-quality headphones, you get a chance for a discreet exercise. Of course, you need to charge the guitar via USB Type-C port. Two built-in rechargeable batteries with 1,000mAh capacity each, will provide you with 2+ hours of continuous play.

Let's get to the MIDI capabilities. They are guaranteed to have the full tonality of an actual guitar. Why invest in such a portable smart guitar rather than a normal guitar? The digital capabilities of Jammy allow you to emulate 17 exclusive tones of the most iconic guitars with the responsive tabs. There is also integration with music apps; there are a lot of programs for writing songs, or playing riffs and solos that you can use to improve your guitar playing skills.

Can you use such a smart musical instrument be used for learning? Of course! The application on iOS or Android has a learning mode with a set of lessons (the best is probably the karaoke with visualization steps to play your favorite tracks). There are, however, solutions for professionals where they can calibrate a multitude of settings.

The project has already collected the required amount of $50,000 on Indiegogo. Still, you can pre-order the guitar for $ 299 in three colors: hot red, bright yellow and glossy black. Delivery to the first customers is promised to be organized in April 2018.

Are you ready to jam with Jammy?

Take a look at this cool portable guitar yourself in the following video below: