Just what your home needs: meet the $ 36,000 robotic Octopod clock!

September 25, 2017

Just what your home needs: meet the $ 36,000 robotic Octopod clock!

In the age of satellites and digital wireless technologies, the word "chronometer" itself is almost forgotten. However, the team of designers at the Swiss company MB&F came up with an idea how to attract the buyer’s interest in old products. And together with the Swiss studio L'Epée 1839, they created an octopus-like desktop clock called "Octopod".

As a stand, 8 steel legs with palladium inserts were made, and the mechanism and time display is placed in a transparent glass bubble evoking memories of the bathyspheres in science fiction, such as James Cameron's 1989 "Abyss." The mechanism seems to float in the air. This effect is created due to the almost imperceptible transparent platinum glass with anti-reflective coating on both sides.

The device is completely mechanical, it does not have any source of energy, not a single chip, but the clock must be started manually every 8 days. Each foot has autonomous mobility, so the small cute "octopus" can crouch and bend in the most bizarre poses. This does not affect the scope of the dial - it rotates in three-dimensional space, regardless of the base.

The concept for the Octopod clock is borrowed from old marine chronometers, which should have been stable in any rolling pitch. The inspiration for the design of the bubble sphere came from novels about the journeys of bathyscaphes into the depths of the oceans.

The initial sketch of MB&F, provided by LEpee 1839, showed a floating mechanism inside the glass bubble, but in order to realize this, it was necessary to create an additional module in the development of the supporting structure in a clockwise direction. To create a believable illusion, the Swiss designers have worked a lot with anti-reflective coatings and camouflage fasteners. Not for the first time and, I hope, not the last time, the LEpee 1839 masters went far beyond the sketch to create something more exceptional than planned.

The sophisticated Octopod desktop clock has an 8-day power reserve from a single barrel and quite an elegant design. Among the interesting features of the clock - the trigger mechanism, which controls the accuracy of the clock, is located on the minute hand, and not on the fixed platinum of the mechanism. Thus, the mechanism constantly moves along with the arrow, around the outer minute scale.

No less charming is the design of the Octopod clock while it stands or squats, thanks to eight articulated legs. However, the real magic and mystery occur in a completely transparent spherical "head", which you can rotate 360o in any convenient direction.

The dimensions of the Octopod desktop clock are 28 to 45 cm wide and 22-28 cm wide with bent and fully straightened legs. Balance frequency of this stylish clock is 2.5 Hz / 18,000 bph. The mechanical gadget weighs 4.2 kg, and is available in black PVD, blue PVD or palladium, but there are no more than 50 copies of each color option. That's why the price of biting for the stylish desktop clock is 35,000 Swiss francs, which is approximately $36,000.