The new Kindle Oasis is the first Amazon waterproof E-book reader after a decade of Kindles!

October 13, 2017

The new Kindle Oasis is the first Amazon waterproof E-book reader after a decade of Kindles!

For the first time in 10 years of the existence of e-books Kindle, Amazon has released a Kindle Oasis model with protection against moisture, reports The Verge. Among its main features are the 7-inch screen, water resistance, and ergonomics.

The updated Kindle Oasis has now become larger - the screen diagonal has grown from 6 to 7 inches. The Paperwhite screen retained the density of pixels 300 PPI but acquired a large number of diodes for bright illumination, and the function of automatic brightness adjustment is present as well.

The display is touch-sensitive and is equipped with 12 LEDs of illumination, the intensity of which is regulated by means of an ambient light sensor. Also available are buttons for page turning. You can flip through the pages with both physical buttons and the touch screen. In addition, the waterproof e-book reader allows you to listen to audiobooks. The book reader comes with a built-in Audible application for audiobooks, but there are no speakers in the Kindle Oasis because they will have to be streamed to a Bluetooth-headset or headphones.

All devices will have a weight of 195 grams, a screen that goes from 6 inches to 7 (maintains the resolution of a printed paper) and new display options, such as the possibility of increasing the weight of the font and make it bold or to increase the size more than other previous devices. It is also possible to invert the color (read white letters on a black background) for those who consider it more comfortable.

The screen, in turn, will recognize the ambient light to raise or lower the brightness automatically. It's something similar to what mobile phones already do, but they had not made any Kindle so far. Even so, the main guarantee of the device panel is that it will still be possible to read easily under natural light and without the need for backlighting.

The body of the device provides protection against water exposure in accordance with the IPX8 standard. The device can stay under water at a depth of up to 2 meters for 60 minutes without negative consequences for performance. This statement is true for fresh water. The protection coped with the hot tub, jacuzzi, and the pool.

The big difference of the new generation was the rejection of the magnetic case with an additional battery - now the built-in battery completely copes with the task of autonomy. The battery supposedly became larger, and the thickness is preserved - 3.4 mm in the thin part.  

The Kindle Oasis e-book reader contains a built-in memory of 8 or 32 GB capacity. In addition to the Wi-Fi wireless communication module, the device can also be equipped with a mobile communication module. The battery capacity is sufficient for several weeks of autonomous operation.

Aesthetically, all versions of the Kindle Oasis are similar: a screen with few edges on three sides and a much larger one on one side, which serves for the user to hold the e-book reader more comfortably. Kindle Oasis measures 159x141x3.4-8.3 mm and weight 194 grams. The height is less than other Amazon readers with 6-inch displays. Amazon Kindle Oasis comes with a rear panel made of aluminum.

The sale of the new Amazon Kindle Oasis will start on October 31 at a price of $250 for the 8GB version. The model with 32 GB of memory and the modification with 32 GB of memory and mobile communication support are estimated at $280 and $350 respectively.

Although Paperwhite is and seems to remain the best-selling Kindle, Amazon wants to exploit the market for more expensive devices with more performance, as liquid resistance, long battery life and more ergonomic (and reversible) design with two buttons to turn pages can draw attention to readers with deeper pockets.