LG releases LG K7i Mosquito Awaу smartphone in India with the function of repelling mosquitos

October 03, 2017

LG releases LG K7i Mosquito Awaу smartphone in India with the function of repelling mosquitos

In the last days of September, the India Mobile Congress event took place in New Delhi. The event held the presentation of new products of Asian mobile gadget manufacturers. LG company stood out from others, introducing the Mosquito Away technology in the format of a budget-friendly accessory for a smartphone.

Although there are already LG devices such as air conditioners, washing machines and TVs that help fight mosquitos, LG K7i is the first smartphone with Mosquito Away Technology integrated into the back cover of the device.

The LG K7i model comes with an optional back cover with a mesh grid, which emits ultrasound waves. It operates at a frequency of 30 kHz, harmless to humans but unbearable for flying bloodsuckers. Ultrasound does not kill mosquitoes but provokes a bad mood in them and the desire to stay away from the source of noise. The sound waves that this transducer emits should repel mosquitos and are "absolutely safe and harmless for humans," the company said. What is very important is the fact that the device does not need an additional power source, it only uses energy from the smartphone’s battery.

This technology, according to representatives of LG, will become a part of everyday life of the people in India and a suitable alternative to chemical repellents that are expensive and unsafe for citizens of the country. The LG K7i model is even equipped with a simple stand which you can install it to "guard" the room from the mosquito brethren. The company does not give data on the energy consumption for maintaining a 24-hour ultrasonic barrier, but the battery capacity of the smartphone itself is not that high, only 2500 mAh.

Other characteristics of the K7i model are unlikely to interest the most passionate fans of cutting-edge smartphone technology; it is a typical budget smartphone for 7,990 rupees, which equals to around $ 121.

Currently, the LG specifications do not specify on which system the chip is running, except that the CPU has four cores at 1.1 GHz. There is also support for dual SIM cards with a separate memory card slot, 4G VoLTE, fingerprint reader, removable 2500mAh battery, an 8MP main camera with LED flash and 5MP sensor up.

This south-Asian country has long struggled with diseases like dengue and malaria, which spread through mosquitoes. These diseases are infecting tens of thousands of people every year with hundreds of deaths recorded by the Indian government.

"The company has set a benchmark for ensuring the health of Indian consumers," Amit Gujral, LG's chief marketing officer in India, told CNNMoney.

Scientists have questioned the effectiveness of mosquito repellents that use ultrasonic technology. According to the American Mosquito Control Association, “at least 10 studies in the past 15 years have unanimously denounced ultrasonic devices as having no repellency value whatsoever.” 

However, Experts at LG said they conducted multiple tests of the mosquito-repelling technology that were certified by India's International Institute of Biotechnology and Toxicology. The results of their tests showed the LG K7i smartphone to be on average 72% effective in repelling disease-spreading mosquitoes.

We will wait and see whether the LG K7i Mosquito Away technology proves its effectiveness in everyday use.