LG showcased elegant flexible OLED lamps that you can bend any way you like

September 26, 2017

LG showcased elegant flexible OLED lamps that you can bend any way you like

Would you like to have a stylish lamp that is like a ribbon of light that you can bend as you want? This will be possible now thanks to LG. Within the framework of Design Junction exhibition, which was held in London on September 21-24, LG Display presented new lamps made with the use of OLED technology. Visitors of the event had the chance to see various sizes and shapes of these flexible OLED lamps. Only some of these OLED lamps will find their way to finalized consumer lighting products.

The LG Display line is already well-known for its OLED screens, which are installed on some of the most impressive TVs and also on the new LG V30 smartphone. However, LG has been working for quite a while with OLED technology in lighting as well. Each of the lights in this unique flexible lamp operates as a single OLED pixel which is then enlarged many times. The final result comes in the shape of a flexible lamp which provides a beautiful soft light, and that will last many years longer than traditional lamps.

During these last years, the technology behind OLED lamps has advanced to a considerable level. Initially, OLED lamps were made through a second-generation production process, but now fifth-generation production lines, with much greater efficiency.

The peculiarity of these thin OLED lamps is that they can be bent. Due to this property, incredible fixtures can be built out of several lamps with the basic shape. Flexibility is provided by the proprietary technology Plastic OLED, thanks to which, such lamps will be more resistant to damage than glass ones.

LG Display is producing three different light panels: one square version, and two oblong versions with different lengths. The new version has a higher voltage than the previous models of 2014, as well as an extended lifespan of the light.

LG Display presented the flexible light panels at the London Design Junction Show, and said that the oblong models should work between 30,000 and 40,000 hours before their light deteriorates to the point where it can no longer be used. That is more than 13 years of use, ten hours each day.

Same as other LED lights, you can adjust the color temperature to suit the environment, use, or time of day. The smooth adjustment of the color temperature enables you to make them "colder" (bluer) or "warmer" (more yellow). The flexibility of these light panels also opens many creative opportunities for design. It is not only in our homes where we will probably see these lights, as LG is working with automakers to install red and amber OLED lighting panels into the taillights of cars.

While the LG company has been working on these types of lamps for several years now, experts suggest that flexible OLED lamps for the consumer level may be launched for sale in 2018.

With their flexible light panels, LG may be announcing the dawn of the curved light and the precursor to the fully flexible smart lighting system as an everyday occurrence in our homes.

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