Mako – A JET-POWERED Wakeboard For Thrilling Water Adventures? Well, Why Not!

October 18, 2017

Mako – A JET-POWERED Wakeboard For Thrilling Water Adventures? Well, Why Not!

The idea of a powered wakeboard has captured the attention of numerous adrenaline seekers and water fans alike, but there's no consensus on the best method to achieve that goal. Some wakeboard manufacturers share the opinion that electric power is the right solution, but the British company Mako doesn't agree with that. Instead of volts, the new Mako Slingshot uses jet power to provide the user with the ultimate on-water experience.

The company Mako from Great Britain created a unique wakeboard equipped with a two-stroke 100cc engine connected to a direct-drive axial-flow jet drive. Thanks to this jet engine, the Mako Slingshot is able to accelerate up to 30 mph (48 km/h). Engineers at Mako say that there were different versions of the concept, but it was the jet engine that provided the highest torque.

The wakeboard is equipped with a 2.8-liter fuel tank, which can provide up to 40 minutes of continuous movement on the waves at a speed of about 30 mph, before the need for refueling with 95 RON fuel. The engine is simply fixed to the board with mounting points, so it can easily be removed for repair or replacement to another. The manufacturer says there are multiple drainage channels and bulkheads to keep the engine clean. 

The length of the board is 1.88 meters, and the width is 59.6 centimeters, which assures that it would be easy to carry the Slingshot on the rooftop of a regular car. It weighs 19 kilograms and is made of carbon fiber, providing the Mako Slingshot’s construction with excellent stability and high-quality sliding both on calm water and on waves.

The lucky rider of the Slingshot controls the throttle with the help of a handheld remote control similar to that used on electric skateboards. This handy feature makes the use of the Mako Slingshot convenient and available, not just for experienced wakeboarders but for beginners as well.

Unfortunately, only those wakeboarders whose weight does not exceed one hundred kilograms will be able to use the new featherweight wakeboard. The larger "riders" may have problems. The starting price of the Mako Slingshot is £7,500 (US$9,800), excluding delivery.

Another famous enthusiast of jet engines for water entertainment is the French inventor Frank Zapata. At one time, he won the championships on tricks on jet skis and then switched to creating his own devices. The inventor redesigned hydrocycles under jet platforms, allowing him to soar over the water, using the jet of water. Later, he even created a jet-powered hoverboard called the Flyboard Air, which no longer depends on any hoses and wires.

Riding the water on top of a jet-powered wakeboard at a speed of 30 miles per hour will surely give your heart the right dosage of adrenaline. As Mako says: “The Mako Slingshot reinvents the way you play on the water and opens the door to an entirely new level of surfing, redefining the genre.” The whole concept seems quite promising so we are really looking forward to reading some user reviews in the near future.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out the Mako Slingshot in action on the following video. We are certain that after seeing what this baby can do, you will consider treating yourself with this exciting new jet-powered wakeboard!