Meet PowerUp Dart: A Paper airplane controlled by a smartphone that performs INCREDIBLE aerial stunts

September 29, 2017

Meet PowerUp Dart: A Paper airplane controlled by a smartphone that performs INCREDIBLE aerial stunts

There is no limit to the perfection of paper airplanes! Especially if you equip them with miniature motors on batteries. You can also add an exotic ability to manage your own paper airplane – via your smartphone app!

The first such system for paper airplanes, which gained a certain popularity, was introduced back in 2013. It was then presented under the name PowerUp 3.0 by the New York-based start-up PowerUp Toys. Planning to raise a modest sum of $ 50,000 through a Kickstarter campaign, they received orders for more than $1.2 million.

Now, the guys are back again with an improved version called PowerUp Dart. On September 12, this year, they launched their campaign on Kickstarter.

 PowerUp Dart is a conversion kit for paper airplanes, invented by inventor and pilot Shai Goitein. Goitein says that it's enough to fold the airplane, attach the DART device to it and your motorized paper airplane is ready to conquer the sky!  

They PowerUp Dart kit includes special paper sheets, the main module, similar to the skeleton of an airplane, with the cockpit and tail propeller, wheels imitating the chassis, an additional propeller and a removable roof for the cabin, which can be pasted with stickers. It is noteworthy that the sheets are available in several versions: red ones are designed for acrobatic maneuvers and takeoff from the ground, and blue ones for high-speed piloting with a lot of amazing tricks.

Yes, you read it well: PowerUp Dart can do aerial pirouettes and the site has instructions for eight of their kinds. You can twist and the barrel, and do dead loop and Hammerhead, not to mention the usual rotation around its axis. You can do all this without fear of breaking the toy - even if it falls to the ground, it most likely won’t be anything. And in a worst-case scenario, paper can be easily replaced.

What are the differences between the PowerUp Dart and the previous models in a more detailed perspective?

  1. PowerUp Dart is 25% lighter (0.4oz) and 50% smaller than its predecessors. While the PowerUp 3.0 was designed for an A4 paper sheet, the more powerful PowerUp FPV can be incorporated into an A3 sheet. The manufacturer suggests users to make their PowerUp Dart airplanes compact, using an A5 sheet.
  2. Improved construction. A single frame, acting as the main shaft, received a reinforcing, In the new modification, a crossbar has been added to the PowerUp, which helps the device to carry large overloads in complex maneuvers. And with takeoff and landing on a flat surface, you can now add a lightweight wire chassis made of the same carbon fiber with rubberized wheels.
  3. More powerful 75 mAh battery: rechargeable in 25 minutes through a standard Micro-USB cable. A fully charged battery provides about 10 minutes of flight, with a maximum speed of 25 mph. And if you like, you can easily replace the battery for a spare charged battery, right there in the field. Replacement parts are also available in the online store of the manufacturer.
  4. And, of course, claimed by the developers - the PowerUp Dart’s ability to perform a rather complex aerobatics figures. Including the famous Immelman. Hammerhead, scissors, loop, barrel, and others.

At the same time, the developers proposed users to fold the paper airplane not in one but in several ways. Each of which will increase the individual skills of the paper airplane: improved controllability, speed, flight duration, and resistance to falls and collisions with hard objects.

The Israeli masters did not forget about updating the application for an Android or iOS smartphone. The PowerUp app got new characteristics to ensure the maneuverability of the paper airplane. Now the management of the app is much easier. The proprietary application as a whole is a virtual version of a conventional, analog console.

The app will also provide you with several modes of autopilot tricks. However, it will be possible to evaluate the app yet in May 2018; until then, the team suggests you use the current version of the PowerUp app, which is available in the App Store and Google Play.

The startup has already raised more than $698,000 (with a declared goal of $ 25,000). The PowerUp Dart is available to pre-order through the Kickstarter campaign, with the price for a full set starting from $45. A set of two PowerUp Dart control systems of different colors - with a stand for airplanes, can be ordered for $90. Delivery of the orders is promised for December 2017.