MELLA is the all-in-one children's clock and sleep trainer designed to keep your kids in bed longer

October 16, 2017

MELLA is the all-in-one children's clock and sleep trainer designed to keep your kids in bed longer

Through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, we learned about a project that may interest many parents, called the Mella Alarm Clock. Mella is a smart device that has the purpose of facilitating your children to learn to stay in bed. This way, there won’t be any early waking of their parents during weekends or on holidays.

As we know, the task of an alarm clock is to wake people up to start their daily activities, go to work, go to school, etc. When the weekend arrives and as a general rule, adults want to sleep a little more and silence the alarm, but if there are small children, this is going to be a complicated task, because if they wake up early, they will quickly go to their parents’ bed to awake them as well.

To avoid this from happening, a curious alarm clock comes into play, the purpose of which is to make it easier for children to learn to stay in bed. With a series of facial expressions and different lighting, Mella aims to show children that it is not yet time to get up and should wait a little longer before going to their parents' bed and wake them up.

Mella is a smart gadget with the shape of a round "well-fed" fairy-tale creature, combining the functions of an alarm clock, sleep trainer, night lamp, sleep sound machine, and a nap timer. Going to sleep turns into a small light-music performance, with relaxing sounds and a gradual attenuation of the highlight. At the onset of time for sleep, the gadget closes its eyes, loses the sound of rain or the sound of the sea. By default, it is white noise and matte glow of the rim, but optionally up to five shades and as many background tracks are available such as surf noise, wind rustling, lullaby motive, etc. In the night mode, the alarm turns on the backlight and can be used as a night light.

Awakening begins half an hour before the appointed time, with a soft pulsation of sound and light, which smoothly flows into a rhythmic alarm. Half an hour before the child wakes up, the device glows yellow in imitation of the sun. Shortly before the awakening time, the backlight changes to green.

The child develops a kind of reflex and creates the right to choose - to wake up and lie in bed, until ignoring the alarm clock is no longer possible, or get up in the middle of the process and start an active activity.

Little Hippo, the company responsible for creating the Mella smart alarm clock, believes that with the combination of facial expressions and colors it is possible to teach children to stay in bed until the green light signals them it’s time to get up and start the day with the joy and energy that characterizes them. Setting the alarm clock and activating its functions is very easy, and you can create different programs that suit the needs of your family, one for workdays and the other for weekends and holidays.

Although the idea seems original, it is difficult to know if it will achieve its purpose, since in many cases, when children want to get up there is nothing that can keep them in bed. The company comments that some studies conclude that children do not fully understand the concept of time until they are eight, which means that the alarm clock is designed for younger children but can be used equally by older children, as it can function as a normal but improved alarm clock with its special effects.

Currently, the Mella Alarm clock is on the Kickstarter platform, where its developers hoped to raise $ 20,000 for the series production and marketing of the product. With 17 days left to complete the campaign, they have managed to overcome that goal obtaining over $ 34,000 so far, which shows the interest aroused by this innovative smart clock. It can be purchased with a contribution of 39 dollars and the shipment is expected to be made from January 2018.