Microsoft Surface Keyboard – what makes it one of the most favorite keyboards

October 04, 2017

Microsoft Surface Keyboard – what makes it one of the most favorite keyboards

Microsoft has repeatedly proved that it can do office input devices like no other. Nevertheless, Microsoft Surface Keyboard is a completely different level of equipment. If the accessories should be a reflection of the accompanying product, then Microsoft Surface Keyboard is a truly amazing piece of technology.

The new player on the market: Microsoft Surface Keyboard

Until now, when it came to low-profile keyboards, there was only one king from Cupertino on the market. The keyboard from Apple was unrivaled when it came to a low-profile keyboard for work. However, that’s all now in the past.

Microsoft’s Surface Keyboard is better. Much better. Its keys have a fantastically perfect move and there is more space between them. The keys are made of a very nice plastic touch, connected by an aluminum frame, which is not only useful for stiffness, but also looks very elegant, perfectly matching with other Microsoft products.

How do you type on it? In one word - a revelation

Every day I am a user of various mechanical keyboards, this is mainly due to the fact that I have not found yet a low-profile keyboard that will 100% meet my strict requirements. But it's not for nothing that I'm writing this in the past tense because now everything has changed.

The experience with the Microsoft Surface Keyboard is the most enjoyable of all the keyboards with which I had. Despite the numerical block, it is very compact. With the new Surface Keyboard, I spent more than two weeks typing out tens of thousands of words. I could not find any comments or complaints about the usefulness of the keyboard.

The keys work with a perfect, stable step. The angle of the tilt is excellent, my wrists do not feel any tension even with long computer sessions. Even though Microsoft Surface Keyboard has a digital block, it is still thin and compact.

It's very fun not only to type on the keyboard but also to use it with Windows 10 since there are functional keys with assigned functions of the system. You can adjust the volume, media playback, adjust the screen brightness on the laptop or Surface Studio, and get quick access to settings or switch between applications. The best solution is to quickly access the notification panel and quickly lock the system.

In addition, the process of connecting the Surface Keyboard to the computer is very easy. Click on the switch at the bottom of the device and the equipment will connect via Bluetooth to the computer.

It’s a pity that you cannot connect multiple devices at the same time, and switch between them, like the Logitech keyboard. In fact, this is the only flaw that I found during the entire period of using the device.

The keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries (included), Microsoft said that they will last for 12 months of continuous operation, which I have no reason to doubt, based on past experience. Batteries in the mouse and in the keyboard are hidden under the magnetic cover.

I cannot even find fault with the price

Microsoft Surface Keyboard costs $99.99. For this money, you can buy a really high-quality mechanical keyboard for gamers. But, is it really that expensive? I don’t think so.


Microsoft Surface Keyboard turned out to be one of the best keyboards I’ve ever used. It has everything you need, it is compact, convenient, and most importantly, it is very comfortable to work with. The Microsoft Surface Keyboard should definitely be on your shopping list.