Mobile Phones, the Powerful Workout Companion – Track Down your Fitness and Health

July 23, 2017

Mobile Phones, the Powerful Workout Companion – Track Down your Fitness and Health

“A phone has no place in the gym.”

Did you believe them when they said this? I’m glad you didn’t. There is more you can do with a phone while in the gym or just breaking a sweat in the park.

When you go out to exercise, you need to monitor your progress, but it’s rare to find accessories to help you do so while still at it.

The good news is, you’re already holding one in your hands – the phone.

It does much more than just reading emails…

Here are a few. (see our store)

Monitor your heartbeat

Your phone is your best fitness companion. You only need to invest in the right apps so you can watch your pulse rate as you exercise!

Do you know how important it is to monitor your pulse rate? You probably have heard of people who collapsed in the gym and boom! They were gone!

Tracking your heartbeat makes it possible for you to know when to stop and when to cool down— your phone will help you decide!

Count calories lost!

Are you doubting? You can count calories lost while still on the treadmill. If you have a goal of losing weight, your smartphone can help you set realistic goals.

With the right apps, your workout will be more meaningful as you can do a periodic appraisal to know what works best in your fitness routine!


Be connected

You should keep your connections wherever you’re so can respond to emergency calls while at the gym - you need your smartphone to do this!

You can do so much more with your phone, but you have to ensure you keep your phone safe for it to serve you more and better.

Protect your phone with special cases endowed with waterproof, shockproof and dustproof abilities— this will give you the peace of mind wherever you’re working out. Visit our store today and take another step towards safety.