Moona smart sleep system keeps your pillow constantly cool to enhance your sleep

October 04, 2017

Moona smart sleep system keeps your pillow constantly cool to enhance your sleep

Insomnia has become a real health issue in the modern world. According to the World Health Organization, it affects 30% of the world's population. Inventors are trying to cope with the problem through smart technology. The smart sleep system Moona is another promising gadget, which should provide its owner with a good sleep, and in a very pleasant way.

It is known that during sleep, the human body emits heat, and its temperature follows a hard night cycle, which involves the brain activity, hormonal levels, respiratory circuit and other bodily functions. There are many studies suggesting that you can control the night cycle by cooling. And the smart sleep system Moona can become an assistant in solving this problem. It is equipped with a system that keeps the cool side of the pillow, cool. Constantly.

There are many devices for regulating the temperature during sleep. There are mattresses that improve the air circulation, and special cooling systems, installed between the bed and the mattress. But so far, there was nothing like the smart sleep system Moona, at least on the modern market.

This is the only active device, aimed at cooling only the area of ​​the pillow, combined with smart functionality.

If you’re another person who, in vain attempts to fall asleep all night, is turning their pillow to the cool side, you will not be forced to do the same with Moona. Moreover, the firm application of the gadget studies your sleep habits and preferences, and in due time forms a suitable temperature regime. At the beginning of your sleep, the gadget cools, and it is heated before awakening. This change in the temperature of the area near your head has a beneficial effect on the quality of your sleep and helps you to wake up fresh and rested.

Moona is not quite a pillow, but a long tab of foam with a memory effect. It is placed under the pillowcase and is compatible with conventional and orthopedic pillows of any shape. The second part of the system is a desktop pump in the form of a small barrel. The pump feeds water through a thin hose into the tab, where the liquid spreads over an aligned network of tubules. The desired temperature of the water is set on the pump, which is transferred to the pillow and is maintained for a predetermined period.

The tub is also equipped with sensors that allow the system to monitor the room temperature, humidity, and ambient light level. The smart sleep system is additionally equipped with a sleep activity monitor. You will be able to receive all the necessary information, and the system will learn and become more personalized. You can manage Moona through a smartphone app where you can set the level of temperature you want the gadget to maintain overnight. You can also adjust how warm the surface of the pillow should be at the time of your awakening. You can also allow Moona to customize heating profiles automatically. By monitoring your sleep, the system is able to change temperature indicators on its own, based on your personal cycle, throughout the night.

It remains to be seen how effective will machine learning be within the smart sleep system. The gadget, according to the developers, works almost silently.

Moona’s developers launched their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, to raise the funds for the series production. So far, they raised more than $120,000 of the targeted $50,000. You can preorder the Moona smart sleep system for an early-bird price of $219. The retail price is set at $399. The shipment of the gadget to the first buyers is scheduled for the summer of 2018.