MX ERGO: The First Innovative Trackball From Logitech For The Last 10 Years

October 05, 2017

MX ERGO: The First Innovative Trackball From Logitech For The Last 10 Years

The eighties called and said they want to return the trackball to modern computer mice. Like the floppy disk, the trackball was forgotten and has long been transformed into an artifact of computer history. But unlike limited floppy disks, trackballs are still in demand among users. For them, there is a niche, judging by the fact that in Logitech after so much time decided to return to manufacturing trackballs once again.

The company Logitech, a leader in the production of keyboards and mice, decided to again try to resurrect the trackball in their gadgets.

Almost 8 years have passed since the release of the last similar model and now Logitech fans can work with a wireless trackball.

The new trackball device called MX ERGO can work and looks like a computer mouse, but it's not really that. It should be noted that the flagship novelty does not represent a mouse in the usual sense of the word. The manufacturer positions the model as a device for users wishing to find something in between the mouse and the touchpad. This wireless trackball from Logitech is already ready to give your fingers an excellent workout!

The main feature of the trackball is the presence of an adjustable hinge and the possibility of connecting to various devices. The adjustable hinge of Logitech MX ERGO allows you to adjust the angle of inclination (up to 20 degrees), and this is designed to improve the position of your wrist. According to the developers, the use of MX ERGO reduces muscle strain by 20% compared with a standard mouse.

Between trackballs and computer mice, in fact, there is no winner in the matter of design ergonomics. However, historically it so happened that the mouse won and drove the trackballs out of the market. But there are practical advantages in using trackballs compared to computer mice. With trackballs, most movements for cursor control are performed with the fingers, while the rest of the hand remains stationary and resting.

As it becomes clear from the name of the device, ERGO is a device with an ergonomic design that fully supports the palm and fingers of the user. The upper part of the trackball is covered with soft rubber. The combination of the coating with the design will reduce the muscular tension by 20% in comparison with the traditional computer mouse.

A distinctive feature of the MX ERGO is that there is no need to move the mouse in order to move the cursor. Logitech MX ERGO, in the first place, is aimed at people who spend a lot of time at the computer. Using this innovative gadget can significantly reduce the load on the wrist. The main advantage of the presence of the trackball is that the user can make more precise movements with his thumb, and the rest of his hand is constantly at rest.

The trackball is equipped with standard right and left buttons, as well as a scroll wheel. On the side is a button that allows you to instantly adjust the sensitivity and cursor speed. You can also adjust the speed and accuracy of the cursor to control the trackball - the LED indicator lights up when the exact mode is activated. Together with the novelty, innovative software is offered that allows you to use the MX ERGO with several computers at the same time.

The Logitech MX ERGO trackball communicates with the computer on a Windows or MAC operating system via Bluetooth. MX ERGO is compatible with Logitech Easy-Switch and Logitech Flow. For those users who often work with two computers, the developers also offer them Logitech software, which allows the user to quickly switch between devices, as well as copy and paste images, text, and documents from one computer to another.

Developers report that at one battery charge the trackball will last at least four months. And charging of the built-in occurs very quickly. So for one minute, the device can be charged for a whole day of use.

Representatives of the company hope that the trackball will become popular among designers and other people working with multimedia content. The MX ERGO is already available to order now. This ergonomic greeting from the eighties will cost you $99.99.