New Year’s Resolutions for Music Fans

January 06, 2018

New Year’s Resolutions for Music Fans

Set Yourself Some New Music Goals for 2018

New Year’s resolutions usually involve some pretty standard goals – eating more vegetables, heading to the gym every day, generally being healthier etc.

It’s no wonder that hardly anyone sticks to them!

So, this year, why not set yourself some awesome music resolutions instead? Sounds like a lot more fun than eating raw kale, right?!

1. Go to a local gig

There is usually a wealth of talent just waiting to be heard in your local bar, so secure yourself some bragging rights by discovering them first. Make sure you get there for the warm-up acts as well, you might just discover a new gem lurking within the support groups!

2. Listen outside of the box

Swearing off entire genres of music can mean you miss out on some seriously good tunes. Pick something more obscure than you would normally listen to and give it a shot.

3. Set up an online group

Add everyone you know who likes music and ask them to add their friends. Encouraging everyone to post their favorite music of the week will expose you to a huge range of music you might not have come across by yourself.

4. Upgrade your equipment

Investing in wireless headphones will not only mean your ears get an upgrade but they will help you to achieve any fitness goals you also set yourself for 2018!


We hope that your new year is filled with awesome tunes, great concerts, and incredible festivals!

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