Reasons Why You Need a USB Stick on Your Travels

November 16, 2017

Reasons Why You Need a USB Stick on Your Travels

Good Reasons to Carry a USB Stick While Travelling

USB sticks are like batteries and wires, everyone has a drawer full of them somewhere, if only you actually used them!

There are plenty of good reasons to dust off your old USB sticks and put them to good use, particularly when you hit the road.

So, next time you’re packing your suitcase for a red eye, don’t forget these important reasons why a flash drive should be high on your list of items to remember:

Safely store information – ok, so we can all email copies of our passports and itineraries to ourselves, but what if you can’t access the internet? Using a free security app, you can make sure that the contents are completely secure and encrypted.

Store more movies – one of the best things about long trips is all that free time to catch up on shows and films. Using a USB means you can maximise the storage space on your tablet and bring some extra entertainment hours with you!

Back up MP3 player – if you’re travelling with your laptop, it’s possible to use a USB stick as an MP3 player by copying your music files to the flash drive and playing through a media player. So, if your music device fails you have a back-up plan!

If that wasn’t enough to remind you to pack a flash drive next time you travel, perhaps this USB Humping Dog will! Totally hilarious and completely memorable, everyone will be asking where you got it from.

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