Saber Is A Powerful Waterproof Power Bank With A Socket. It's Ready To Charge Your Device Whenever You Need!

October 20, 2017

Saber Is A Powerful Waterproof Power Bank With A Socket. It's Ready To Charge Your Device Whenever You Need!

The new company Romeo Power set out to end the eternal search for wall outlets. Romeo Power was found by engineers and designers who worked for SpaceX, Tesla, Samsung, Apple, and Amazon. Recently, the developer announced the output of the charger dream device.  

It is the oblong power bank Saber working on its proprietary power management technology. A compact charger is capable of supporting even a working laptop on the road. So, if you have an old laptop that has a dead battery, which is why it cannot work not for charging for more than five minutes, Saber from Romeo Power is your option.

The presented personal charging unit Saber is developed on the basis of the same technology that is used for stationary charging stations and electric vehicles.

Dion Isselhardt, former director of the design department of the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, and the current head of design at Romeo Power says: “Saber is like having a wall socket in your pocket.”

This 2.2-pound portable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 86 watts-hours (approximately 23,000 mAh) can fully charge a laptop twice and an average smartphone up to 10 times. Such a device can be a real blessing if you prefer to work or just have to hang out with your laptop in coffee shops where there are not enough power outlets for everyone. In addition, Saber can easily charge batteries of dronesor SLR cameras.

The battery, which has the size of a small bottle, has exits at each end of its rectangular shape. On one side of the power bank, there is a USB Type-C and two conventional USB ports (one 2.1A / 10.5V, and one 1A / 5V).

On the other side, there is a socket with a universal port for AC power supplies. This means that you can connect to it the same way as you connect to a standard outlet. The whole battery is charged in two hours. Saber can simultaneously charge up to four devices.

Romeo Power also set out to provide the battery with increased dust and water resistance rated IP67, although the company admitted that it had not yet completed the certification. In addition, it is heavy-duty - the company reports that Saber has experienced at least dozens of drops on concrete.

Since the power bank is introduced in the decade of wireless devices, Saber also has a Bluetooth module. It helps the battery to connect to the smartphone app, which in turn can show the remaining charge in the battery.

Dion Isselhardt says the team has decided not to use air vents to maintain battery cooling, as they can let in moisture and dust. He says that the company's knowledge of the properties of different materials, heat management and chemistry allowed them to build the power bank without air vents.

If something goes wrong, says Isselaardt, there are two software and two hardware that should prevent Saber from overheating. The battery has a built-in inverter and battery management software that keeps everything under control. If they fail, then there are two resistors that will work to stop any heat leakage. Since the battery stores a lot of energy, the correct design is necessary to ensure the safety of users, says Isselaardt.

As of today, Saber is already available for preorder in the US at a discounted $199 price, while the regular retail price is $299.