Samsung Connect Tag - how easy it is to know the whereabouts of important people and things

October 16, 2017

Samsung Connect Tag - how easy it is to know the whereabouts of important people and things

Smart devices give us many advantages in everyday life, including tracking personal belongings, pets, and even children. Do you want to know where your children are? Buy them a custom smartwatch. Are you worried about losing your suitcase? Buy a suitcase with location functions. Do you want to keep track of your pet? Buy a toy with a built-in webcam or a smart collar. However, all these devices are still limited by the capabilities of their category. Samsung, having felt in the market a free niche for a universal product that can perform all of the above tasks, is releasing the Connect Tag gadget.

Today Samsung introduced its new Connect Tag gadget, the purpose of which is to track the geolocation of people, things, and animals that are dear to you. It was not created for covert surveillance and is largely child-centered so that parents know that their child is in the designated area. However, the spectrum of its application is much broader.

The world's first technology with a narrowband network

The manufacturer claims that the device is the first of its kind, which uses the technology NB-IoT, Cat.M1 - low-power cellular networks for smart gadgets. This means that Connect Tag can work for a whole week on a single charge. 

Narrowband networks connect IoT devices by taking into account the bands of cellular communication, which are focused on things that consume a small amount of energy and resources. In addition, they provide greater data security when connected to gadgets.This is quite relevant since hackers have used the Internet of Things to organize DDoS attacks on the servers of large corporations.

How does Samsung Connect Tag work?

The invention of Samsung locates thanks to GPS, Wi-Fi and a personal identifier for cellular communications. The combination of methods allows you to effectively track the location both inside and outside. The Samsung gadget has an accelerometer and a 3-color LED, which, according to the company, lives up to 7 days without recharging.

The gadget is quite compact - its size is only 1.19 cm in thickness and 4.21 cm in width, which makes it compact enough to attach it your child's backpack, dog collar, as well as to your personal belongings - keys, purse or suitcase and thus track their location. The latter method, for example, can be useful when traveling - so no one can stealthily steal your belongings. In addition, the Connect Tag is additionally secured with dust and water impermeability.

How does Connect Tag differ from its counterparts?

Tracking the location of the device is not a novelty, but most tracking gadgets are inferior to Samsung Connect Tag on the functionality side. The principle of operation is similar to trackers using Bluetooth, such as Tile, but they are dependent on the connection to the smartphone. In addition, because of this unavoidable connection, their range is also more limited.

The function of GeoZone is another interesting innovation. Having set a certain location in which your item, a child or an animal,  should be, you will receive a notification when something from the list leaves the designated area. If necessary, you can at any time manually request the current location of the gadget using your smartphone. This feature will come in handy if you parked in a huge parking lot and do not remember exactly where you left the car.

When the location of a living person, and not an object, for example, a child, is tracked, the Connect Tag can independently send you signals about the child’s place of residence. In addition, you can set the time when you want to automatically receive information about the location of the gadget.

Home Internet of Things

Samsung has its own ecosystem for Internet of Things devices - Samsung SmartThings ecosystem and the Connect Tag is perfectly combined with it. For example, you can set your home to automatically turn on the lights, TV, air conditioning or any other Internet of Things device.

The device will be presented at a conference in San Francisco later this week. Connect Tag will initially be available only in South Korea for an undisclosed price, and over the next few months, as Samsung promises, it will appear in other countries.