Samsung introduced the 360 Round camera with 17 lenses for creating 4K VR-content

October 20, 2017

Samsung introduced the 360 Round camera with 17 lenses for creating 4K VR-content

This week at the Samsung 2017 developer conference a new camera Samsung 360 Round was presented, which is intended for enthusiasts and experts in the field of 3D content (for virtual reality). This is a rapidly developing industry, which covers both extreme sports recordings to live news broadcasts. Thus, this latest 360-degree camera from Samsung is designed for shooting the most amazing spherical video, which devices of this class are capable of.

The South Korean company already has a VR camera in the form of the Samsung Gear 360, but this model is not really built for professionals – rather, it is intended for everyday users who want to shoot a 360-degree video on the street.

Now with the release of Samsung 360 Round camera, the Company is making efforts to go a little bit deeper into the VR world. In fact, the Samsung 360 Round has been in the designers’ works since 2014, when it was named Project Beyond.

Users will be able to create VR content with the Samsung 360 Round camera using an included PC software, which promises to stitch together an immersive video without any lag at.

The disc-shaped camera has 17 lenses, located, except for one, horizontally and connected in stereo. One camera is located vertically. Thus, this device is able to capture everything around it, except for the very bottom of the received sphere. But this is the part that you hardly need in virtual reality. All 17 cameras have a resolution of 2 megapixels and aperture f/1.8. The maximum resolution of streaming 3D video is 4096x2048 pixels at a frequency of 30 frames per second. The device itself is equipped with six built-in microphones, up to 10 GB of LPDDR3 RAM, and 40 GB of eMMC storage. The memory storage can be expanded with a UHS-II SD memory card with a capacity up to 256 GB or SSD with a capacity of up to 2 TB. The device has USB Type-C and LAN connectors, and an accelerometer and gyroscope are provided as well.

The camera measures at 205x205x76.8 mm, and weight is 1.93 kg. The strength of the case of a 360-degree camera is important when shooting wild animals in the forest. For this reason, Samsung’s camera has a "protected compact design" and has a dust and water-permeability according to IP65 rating, which allows you to use the camera outdoors.

Ironically, Samsung also mentioned yesterday that the Samsung 360 Round camera has a "fanless design" - as if ordinary spherical cameras have a fan. The company assumes that this design without a fan is such that the device thanks to it "has less weight and eliminates background noise". Samsung representatives are particularly proud that the camera does an excellent job without an active cooling system, so the device is noticeably quieter and lighter than other cameras.

Samsung introduced the 360 Round camera with 17 lenses primarily for the US market, where the device will appear in October this year. The official price of the device is not yet reported, nor the release date in other countries, but the company has already stated that the model is intended for foreign markets as well. The developers claim that the Samsung 360 Round was created for professionals and enthusiasts, while the Samsung Gear 360 was intended for mass consumption.