Smart motorcycle helmet CrossHelmet X1 with 360° visibility improves ride safety thanks to rear-view camera

October 05, 2017

Smart motorcycle helmet CrossHelmet X1 with 360° visibility improves ride safety thanks to rear-view camera

Motorcycles evolve faster than motorcycle helmets. With the aerodynamic CrossHelmet X1 smart motorcycle helmet, everything can change. It brings improved indicators of stability and security that have not been developed in recent years. The smart helmet has a built-in 360-degree display, a rear-view camera, a sound control system and Bluetooth connectivity.

Technologies in the automotive industry are progressing and are gradually adapting. The most intriguing is the HUD technology for helmets, although there is no universal product on the market, especially if we are talking about one with an adequate price tag. CrossHelmet X1 is another motorcycle helmet project with HUD technology.

One of the basics of safe riding a motorcycle is providing an adequate rear view. Therefore, the CrossHelmet X1 is equipped with a rear-view camera on the back of the helmet. This camera is combined with a wide-angle visor, which allows you to get a 360-degree vision and get rid of blind spots.

The image from the rear-view camera is projected onto the translucent screen in front of the motorcyclist's eyes, similar to what was used in Google Glass. The screen occupies a small space under the visor and in itself resembles a rear-view mirror in a car. On the display, the motorcyclist can see everything that happens behind him without turning around. Also on the display will be displayed all the necessary information about the trip: weather, temperature, the direction of the compass, speed, time, navigation etc. The connection to the network and the battery level are also displayed on it, along with the control points along the way, distance and time to the desired destination.

The smart helmet has a built-in CrossSound system that allows you to control the noise level. It is designed to make ambient sounds quieter or louder for the motorcyclist while riding, depending on his needs. And if you are traveling in a group, then you can talk with the other participants using the Group Talk function. Support for voice control of the helmet is available, and it works with Siri and Google Assistant. With built-in speakers, you can listen to podcasts or favorite music while you are riding the bike, or answer your incoming calls. All functions can be controlled using a smartphone that connects to the helmet via Bluetooth.

The management of the smart helmet CrossHelmet X1 is carried out through the touch panel. It has a capacitive sticker that allows you not to take off your favorite gloves in order to take a call or change some settings. To get access to the many features of the CrossHelmet X1 helmet, you can use the mobile application for devices based on iOS or Android.

The innovative helmet is made of polycarbonate and weighs 1.78 kg. It runs with a dual-core Cortex A9 processor and also has GPS and Bluetooth 4.2 modules. The screen resolution is 1,280 × 720 pixels, and the internal memory is 8 GB. Autonomous time of work CrossHelmet lasts for about eight hours, and its battery is charged through USB Type-C port.

Open motorcycle helmets provide an excellent view but provide little protection. Full-fledged, on the contrary, are well protected, however, worsen the field of view and are terribly inconvenient. The CrossHelmet X1 smart helmet, created by the Japanese designer Arata Oono, embodies the advantages of both types of protection, combined with modern technologies and materials.

The designers of this smart helmet decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds for the serial production. Their targeted goal was $100,000 and by now they raised three times more. The CrossHelmet X1 can be preordered for an early-bird price of $1,399. Shipping anywhere in the world is planned to start in October 2018.