Smartphone Safety Tips for Kids- What’s there for the Parent?

July 23, 2017

Smartphone Safety Tips for Kids- What’s there for the Parent?

“I just don’t know where to draw the line, he spends too much time on his phone, and it is beginning to affect his studies.”

Are you suspecting your son is becoming addicted to his phone? It’s a major problem in this digital world and parents struggle to strike a balance between keeping their kids happy with the phones or getting them off their best companions.

So the question of how much time they spend on the phone comes in.

If he spends too much time, there can be something amiss. Your son could be visiting adult sites and sharing explicit images.

You need to Apply Control Measures…

 “I spend my time at work, and I can’t watch him all the time.”

We know you don’t have the time to follow around your kids, but there are a few parenting tips you can apply to curb this. (Check our store)

  1. Encourage an active childhood

What games did you play as a child? If you’ve noted, the era of technology has brought an ease with it. Children no longer run around outside but are glued on their phones playing temple run.

Be different, don’t buy your son a cell phone until he is of age—this will reduce his dependence on the phone as he grows.

  1. Limit the phone usage

If you have bought a phone for your kid, it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep it. Ensure you have the phone most of the time and only give it out for a limited time. He will find other activities to fill his time.

  1. Choose the apps and sites he uses

Did you know you can leave your kid with a phone and still limit what he does with it?

Well, if you install Zoodles, you can create a separate profile and choose the apps he can access. You can also block unsafe sites, so you don’t worry about adult content for your 10-year old son.

Technology brought us a lot to smile about, but it also afflicted today’s parents with new challenges. Buying your kids a phone shouldn’t be an excuse for your absence in their lives. Visit our store for quality phone accessories.