Sony announced an updated version of the PlayStation VR with improved design

October 03, 2017

Sony announced an updated version of the PlayStation VR with improved design

Almost a year has passed since the release of the first model of the PlayStation VR headset in October 2016. During this time, the Japanese company Sony managed to achieve quite a lot. Dozens of video games of various genres were released, the PlayStation Aim controller was released only five months ago, and the user base of the device already exceeds the number of users of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive combined. However, the team at Sony is not sitting still, and the company's management hinted at the imminent release of the updated model of the VR helmet. A year after launching its PlayStation VR, Sony decided to do slight improvements of the design of the headset and introduced its updated version.

But you do not need to worry or feel cheated if you have already purchased the first version of the PlayStation VR. The main technical characteristics of the VR headset will remain the same. But the new device will get a few nice additions that make it noticeably more convenient. In addition to cosmetic changes, the new version of the VR headset will acquire new features and fixes of the shortcomings of the previous version. For example, the upgraded processor unit, which acts as a signal splitter of the headset and the TV, will now be able to support the transmission of HDR content on the TV screen. We remind you that owners of HDR-TV had previously had to unplug the PlayStation VR headset and hook up the PlayStation 4 consoledirectly if they wanted to enjoy the extended color range.

The headset's connection cable to the set-top box will become thinner and lighter. In the original model, it is quite thick, which provides additional load on the head and neck of the user. Earlier, the headphones were stuck in a special port on the connecting cable, now the stereo headphone jack will be integrated into the headset itself, which is actually quite convenient and makes the design more efficient. After all, in the previous model, the user’s left hand was constantly clinging to the audio cable. The kit will also be supplied with very comfortable in-channel headphones. The sound control panel will move to the lower edge of the front of the headset.

Support for 4K-resolution in the new PlayStation VR is still not available. Sony promises that the new headset will be compatible with all previously released content for the PlayStation VR. However, due to the difference in cables, it is simply not possible to take and install the processing unit of the new version into the old one.

The package of the headset will be slightly modified, and the updated device will receive the designation CUH-ZVR2 (the first model is CUH-ZVR1). The date of release is already official: on October 14 the event will take place in Japan. Later, the sales of the new PlayStation VR headset will start in the U.S., and from there, to other regions of the world. Users from the U.S. will have to wait a little longer for sales, as Sony hasn’t specified the exact launch date as of yet. Finally, we would add that the new PlayStation VR headset will be bundled with the PlayStation Camera for a price of ¥44,980 ($400).