Sony’s Xperia Touch projector which turns your table into a touchscreen, went on sale for $1700

October 13, 2017

Sony’s Xperia Touch projector which turns your table into a touchscreen, went on sale for $1700

The Sony Xperia Projector, now called Sony Xperia Touch, is getting ready to hit the market!

Sony introduced its Xperia Touch projector at the Mobile World Congress back in February, and now it starts selling the device, starting with the United States. It's time to turn your doors, walls, and cabinets into touch screens!

The Sony Xperia Touch smart projector is a device that projects a touch screen on any surface to give you the experience of an Android tablet or TV without having electronic components under it.

Sony introduced the Xperia Touch projector at $ 1,700. The device can project a fully functional Android interface on any flat surface. You can also use this projector for watching movies or playing video games.

The device is a small projector the size of a medium-sized Bluetooth speaker. The multi-touch interface is really sensitive and immediately reacts, which is made according to the Sony SXRD display technology. The user’s touch is registered with a combination of an infrared light and a built-in camera, which registers movements at 60 frames per second in real time. The Xperia Touch allows you to project a screen between 23 and 80 inches and, thanks to infrared sensors, makes that screen tactile (projection is tactile only in 23 inches). The 23-inch screen is transmitted on tables, while the other sizes, up to 80 inches can be projected to a wall for video games and watching movies by moving the projector away from the screen. However, the resolution is only 1366 × 768, the brightness is 100 lumens, and the contrast ratio is 4000: 1.

Sony Xperia Touch has a limited size of projection up to 80 inches because after this the image is distorted, beyond the resolution 720 offered.

According to Sony, the fully-charged battery should last about an hour, although you can connect the projector via the USB-C port. The projector is running Android Nougat, so it does everything an Android tablet can do, including browsing sites, video, and downloading applications from the Google Play store.

The device is running the operating system Android Nougat, so you can install almost any Android app, it even has a virtual keyboard, it offers desktop customization and you can use it quite naturally. The Sony projector is compatible with the PlayStation 4 Remote Play and supports all Google Play apps. Among other specifications are 3 GB of RAM, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi standard 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, GPS, NFC, 32GB hard drive, gyroscope, and accelerometer. The official page does not specify the system controller of this model, but it was mentioned on the MWC that this is a 1.6 GHz Snapdragon 650 SoC. The projector is also equipped with a 13-megapixel camera.

Xperia Touch launches all possible applications for Android, from Skype to calendars and children's games. Users will be able to view calendar events, weather data and a notebook where they can leave notes for all family members. Sony says that Xperia Touch will serve as a family center.

If you try to use it at a distance without touching the projection on the wall, the projector creates a circular pointer that you can use to select applications. The device has already gone on sale and is available in stores in several American cities.