SoundSport Free are Bose’s first truly wireless earphones with search function for $249.95

October 03, 2017

SoundSport Free are Bose’s first truly wireless earphones with search function for $249.95

The Bose company, known to music lovers for its high-quality earphones, finally presented its first version of truly wireless earphones. The new set of earphones is called SoundSport Free, and is designed to be used by athletes and persons who maintain a healthy lifestyle during their training.

Bose seems to be trying to break into the race of truly wireless earphones with its new SoundSport Free. With these earphones, the company is targeting the category of potential buyers who need a pair of earphones for active lifestyle and training. The model offers a number of useful functions, especially for athletes. For example, they are resistant to water and sweat. These earphones are also equipped with an antenna, thanks to which you will receive a reliable signal, no matter where you are.

SoundSport Free resemble the sensational Bragi Dash wireless earphones, but with a special protrusion, for the earphones to be more secure in the user’s auricle. The same is the wireless model Bose SoundSport Pulse. Noise cancellation, like many other popular Bose models, is not present in the SoundSport Free, but the case of each earpiece is protected from water penetration according to the IPX4 standard, so you won’t have to worry about the sweat or rain on your ears.

As in the case with most wireless earphones using Bluetooth technology, the signal radius of SoundSport Free is 9 meters. However, Bose says that thanks to the antenna there will be no signal ruptures and no interference, regardless of whether you have a smartphone in your pocket or in your training backpack. Each earpiece weighs 10 grams, but despite this, the developers were able to install good acoustic capabilities into the SoundSport Free earphones. The company says the volume-optimized EQ and Bose digital signal processing make music sound full and balanced at any volume. 

Lithium-ion batteries are built into each earphone. With a single battery charge, the SoundSport Free can work for 5 hours. The package includes the earphones together with a separate power bank case, which provides additional 10 hours of use. The charging case allows for quick charging of the earphones’ batteries. The user controls the SoundSport Free out through the right earpiece. In addition, there is an earphone search option, if you left them in different places. You can use this feature thanks to the accompanying Bose Connect App (works on both iOS and Android mobile devices). The earplugs themselves are reliable inside the user’s ears due to their structural features. Silicone ear cups in three sizes provide comfortable fit inside your ears.

The Bose SoundSport Free earphones will be available in three different colors. It is already possible to make preorders of the black version, with the first deliveries to start in October. The Midnight blue and Yellow citron versions will appear later, but there is not even an indicative date for opening a pre-order. Both options will be released this year. No matter what color option you choose, the Bose SoundSport Free earphones will cost you $ 249.95.