The compact Cubibot 3D-printer brings affordable 3D printing to everyone for only $149!

October 17, 2017

The compact Cubibot 3D-printer brings affordable 3D printing to everyone for only $149!

Apparently, 3D printing is no longer reserved for people with high technical skills or deep pockets. Just about anyone can fully experience the thrill of this cutting-edge printing technique, thanks to the team of the Californian startup Cubibot.

The San Diego-based startup Cubibot is developing the most affordable and most compact 3D printer in the world. Deliveries of the first devices are scheduled for February 2018, reports Digital Trends.

Now that the barriers to entry have been eliminated, users are clearly showing very high interest. Only half an hour after the authors launched their Kickstarter campaign, the Cubibot raised more than $150,000, of the targeted $50,000. As of now, the project has already attracted more than $587,000 from over 1,890 supporters. The main feature of the new printer is the price - only $149, which is revolutionary for the industry. In addition, this is the most compact 3D printer in the world!

“We’ve been perfecting Cubibot for over two and a half years to achieve a smarter, safer and easier-to-use personal product that makes 3D printing accessible to the masses and it does not require 3D printing expertise,” says Aria Noorazar, Co-founder of Cubibot. “If you can setup and use a regular printer, you can use Cubibot.”

Judging by the declared characteristics, Cubibot is almost an amateur printer's dream: a closed camera with a HEPA filter and a print bed heated up to 100°C, a customized version of the popular CoreXY Kinematics and the ability to work with a wide range of materials. The thickness of the layer is set within 50-300 microns, the practical printing speed reaches 80 mm/s. The size of the construction area is 127x127x127 with very compact 3D printer dimensions, not exceeding 254х254х254 mm. The device is controlled by a 32-bit controller with Smoothieware firmware.

The portable gadget comes with CubiSoft network software, which allows you to design models yourself. The printer is suitable for almost any computer and has several additional useful functions. For example, a fully automated intelligent self-leveling system, the ability to print on nylon and other materials, high-temperature mode and one-button printing.

The connection is possible both via USB-port and through Wi-Fi. To work with 3D-models the startup provided a cloud-based mobile application for Android and iOS, and the built-in memory will allow the 3D printer to work offline after receiving the G-code. Calibrating the print bed and selecting print parameters according to the materials used are performed automatically.

“We hope to give people the freedom to create their designs whether they’re already 3D printer pros or if they’re completely new to 3D printing,” says Noorazar. “We invite the existing 3D printing community and newcomers who would want to support our mission to bring easy to use, compact, safe, remote, smart and affordable 3D printing to the masses.”

Available 3D printing can become an important part of a smart home, as it will create spare parts for equipment and building materials, which will reduce the cost of depreciation of large rooms.

With only 8 days left to complete the campaign, this project has now more than $587,000. So, you can be rest assured that in early 2018, the Cubibot 3D printer will arrive at your doors.