The Evapolar Portable Mini-Air-Conditioner Creates A Personal Comfort Zone

October 12, 2017

The Evapolar Portable Mini-Air-Conditioner Creates A Personal Comfort Zone

In the coming years, scientists predict an increase in summer temperatures, so the air conditioner ceases to be a luxury and unnecessary convenience. Nowadays, it literally saves people from the unbearable heat. And here, the affordable and compact devices come to the fore: such as the Evapolar mini air conditioner.

Russian Basalt Nanotechnology

The Evapolar mini-conditioner was developed by two Russian engineers, Vladimir Levitin and Evgeny Dubov. The device is based on the invention of the father of one of them - paper from basaltic nanofibers called EvaBreeze.

The EvaBreeze nanopaper is distinguished by an impressive capillary effect. The water along the EvaBreeze rises to 30 centimeters without any external interference. In this case, the material absorbs up to 700% of its weight and does not swell. Both the first and second feature are related to the small diameter of each nanofiber, which is only 40 nanometers. From such paper, excellent evaporation plates are obtained, which themselves are wetted by water and actively give off moisture. Evaporation moistens and cools the surrounding air.

Developers began to experiment with EvaBreeze back in 2013, around the same time they put forward the concept of local cooling. Standard stationary climate systems consume a lot of energy, pollute the environment and leave many people unhappy with the result (some are tired of the heat, and others catch a cold due to temperature differences). Clumsy conditioners need an alternative - a portable gadget that generates a "microclimate" per one person. The Evapolar mini-air conditioner is precisely such a device.

Evapolar-1, Or EvaLIGHT

The original Evapolar was launched on Indiegogo in the fall of 2015. The campaign collected about $ 1.2 million, air conditioning was ordered by people from all over the world. It should be noted that the device became an international hit: a great interest for it was shown in India and China. As a result, mini-conditioners were ordered by residents of 92 countries.

Externally, Evapolar is a cube measuring 17.1 x 17.1 x 17.4 centimeters and weighing 1.3 kilograms. It is ready to work right out of the box: the gadget is placed on the table and connected to the power source through the micro USB connector, and water is poured into a special removable tank of 750 milliliters.

The display on the upper face of the housing indicates the ambient temperature, and the rotary wheel around it is used to set the required cooling capacity of the air. The device consumes only 10 watts of electricity, using water for cooling on every 3-5 hours. The air-conditioner is decorated with a lighting, illuminating the water tank.

Replaceable cartridges with EvaBreeze plates on average are designed for 6 months of operation, depending on the activity of using the mini-conditioner and external factors. If you want the filter to last longer you should use only clean water for cooling. Since the cartridges are mineral, they will not become a hotbed of mold and germs, and in addition, they are completely biodegradable.

Evapolar cools the space of 2-3 square meters around the user and reduces the temperature by 50-59oF. The maximum reduction depends on the humidity of the cooled air: the dryer the air is, the more efficient the mini-conditioner is.

After the crowdfunding campaign and with the release of the second generation Evapolar, its first version was renamed EvaLIGHT.

Evapolar-2, aka Evasmart

The second mini air conditioner Evapolar was launched on Indiegogo in the spring of 2017, its campaign collected just over $1 million.

The gadget differs from the original model with its large dimensions and the integration of smart functions. Its size is 20.7 x 21.7 x 18.4 centimeters, and the weight is 1.5 kilograms. The air conditioner was increased mainly to insert a large water tank with a volume of 1300 milliliters: this is enough for 6-8 hours of operation. And if the filled EvaLIGHT requires you not to tilt it sideways, so as not to spill water, then in the second Evapolar there is an unspellable reservoir.

Smart features include integration with smart home devices and support for all the popular platforms: Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings and Apple Home Kit. In addition, now the user configures and manages the gadget using a mobile application. The control panel with the display remained in place.

To make it easier to distinguish one generation of Evapolar from another, the new device was called EvaSMART.

For whom are these mini air-conditioners necessary

The Evapolar technology was originally created to cool small spaces. The mini-conditioner is by no means the same as a stationary air conditioner. The easiest way to compare them is by analogy with a large widescreen TVand a tablet. The first one shows the picture at once to many people, but they do not have the opportunity to include the video that they like; in the second such feature is not present.

More and more people are abandoning large screens and opting for the mobility and convenience of small devices. The creators of Evapolar believe that the climate will soon be affected by the same fate.

Evapolar moisturizes and cools the air directly next to the user, creating a personal comfort zone. Using such a gadget in the office, at school or at home, you stop depending on the preferences of others. In addition, the device saves energy, does not overdry your skin and mucous membranes of your nose. Humidification has a very good effect on air quality, which is especially noticeable for asthmatics and people with allergy.