The Underwater Drone Blue Water 1 Will Make The Ocean Accessible To Everyone

September 22, 2017

The Underwater Drone Blue Water 1 Will Make The Ocean Accessible To Everyone

Are you ready to connect to your inner James Cameron, without getting your feet wet?

After drones have already conquered the air, more and more underwater drones are coming onto the market. The rapidly growing family of underwater drones is now awaiting a new addition. We’ve already heard of underwater drones like Trident, Gladius and Blueye Pioneer that were produced with crowdfunding.

On the Indiegogo platform, the drone project titled YouCan Blue Water 1 (BW1) has been launched, which will make it possible to go and explore the oceans for anyone who wants to.

Supporters can find on the project page three models that reach different water depths. The more affordable model can reach a water depth of up to 50 meters, the average model offers diving up to 150 meters, and the most expensive model can even dive up to 150 meters deep.

The range of the remote control of the Blue Water 1 is up to 200 meters, so interesting applications are possible. Especially when clear water is available for dipping, the drone is likely to play out its strengths.

BW1 is capable to record video with a resolution of 1080p / 30 fps and shoot 4-megapixel photos. You can tilt its remotely controlled camera up and down, allowing you to observe the upper and lower levels without having to use a vertical motor. Also, two LED lights with a capacity of 1200 lumens make it possible to shoot at depths where normally light does not penetrate.

The control system is represented by a towed buoy, which is connected to the BW1 drone with a hard-wired electric cable. The developer provided a corresponding application for the customers free of charge. The buoy itself is connected to the application on the owner's iOS/ Android smartphone via Wi-Fi. The interaction between the operator and BW1 occurs as follows: the control commands are sent to the drone, and the video stream is sent back. The maximum transmission distance is 200 meters, not counting the length of the electric cable. To make control of this amazing drone easier, a special controller connected to the smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth is included in the kit.

If you are interested to examine any object in detail, the self-locking function allows you to hold the subject in the frame until it is canceled. One charge of the BW1 battery should last for three to four hours for normal use or up to seven hours of operation in an economical mode.  

The estimated retail price of the Blue Water 1 drone is at the level of similar gadgets - $ 1699. You can already order the version with a 50-meter cable, making a donation of $749 to Indiegogo. The 100-meter version will cost more. The start of series production and sales is planned for January 2018.

As a financing goal, the developers have stated an amount of 30,000 US dollars. Currently, the project has received about 4,000 US dollars. There is still one month left until the target is reached.

How do you like the possibilities that this innovative underwater drone offers? Maybe it’s time to create your own deep sea adventure, and the Blue Water 1 is here to help you achieve that.