These Star Wars POWERbot robot vacuums by Samsung will “breathe” like Darth Vader while cleaning your floors

October 16, 2017

These Star Wars POWERbot robot vacuums by Samsung will “breathe” like Darth Vader while cleaning your floors

Trying to make money on popular film franchises is a very common affair among numerous companies and corporations. And it's quite common to try and make money on the Star Wars space opera, which for decades has brought its creators multimillion and even billions of box office profit. The South Korean company Samsung also decided not to stand aside, so it announced a line of two smart vacuum cleaners made in the style of Star Wars. These are two spin-offs of the VR7000 vacuum cleaners announced earlier in January by the South Korean company.

The new limited series of VR7000 vacuum cleaners are developed with Samsung technology called POWERbot and complements it with completely new functions. Well, at the same time, the updated vacuum cleaners look so much that they all resemble an Imperial Stormtrooper and Darth Vader. That certainly will please many fans of the franchise, created by the one and only George Lucas.

Just imagine: Darth Vader crawling in your apartment and breathing heavily into the visor of his helmet, collecting dust and candy wrappers along the way. Wouldn’t that be awesome for every Star Wars aficionado?

Samsung wants to coincide the release of new stylish vacuum cleaners with the release of the picture Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, which will take place on December 15. The model designed in the style of Darth Vader is equipped with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi and remote control via the Network. You can control the Darth Vader model with the help of a remote controller, a smartphone app, or Amazon Alexa. This way, you can literally command the Sith Lord to do "thy bidding" while you enjoy watching all the Star Wars episodes in great anticipation of The Last Jedi.

Alongside their slim design and impressive technical specs, the coolest thing about both models is that they contain a set of sound effects from the cult films of the Star Wars saga. Above we have already told you about the heavy breathing of Darth Vader, but this list of sounds is not limited. For example, when you activate the turbo mode on the Darth Vader model, the vacuum cleaner says, "You are powerful," and when it goes back to the charger it plays the Imperial March.

The suction power of both vacuum cleaners is 10 W, and the vacuum cleaners are equipped with a 290mm-wide brush, which is 42% larger than conventional 204mm brushes. Both of them are equipped with CycloneForce technology, and they are also able to carefully absorb dust along the walls and in even the most inaccessible corners of the apartment.

A sensor on top of the devices can is able to scan the room and build a virtual map in order to find the most efficient routes for moving around it and cleaning up dust and dirt. Thanks to the Easy Pass™ wheel system, the POWERbot vacuum cleaners can tackle most obstacles that stand in their way.

The vacuum cleaner in the style of Darth Vader will cost $799 and has its own remote and Wi-Fi functionality. The one designed like an Imperial Stormtrooper will be sold for a price of $699, but does not features those options. Both Star Wars POWERbot vacuum cleaners are already available for pre-order from October 10, with shipments starting as of November 5.